A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco

A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco Great customer service and staff are very attentive and making sure you enjoy your meal. The la Manchu is great and bread is nice and crispy. The chicken plate is also very good and chicken is well cooked.

  • Name :  A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco
  • Worktime 11AM–10PM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco Address :

869 Geary St, San Francisco

A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco number :


Best seller :

I ordered the Doner (shredded lamb and beef) served over rice and fresh veggies and it came with a side of yogurt. It was delicious and light. I will have to ask for more yogurt, it was perfect to top off each bite with a refreshing and rich sauce. For dessert, I enjoyed a kunefe that was perfectly sweet and the cheese was a nice crumble. If this is what to expect from delivery, I can’t wait to experience it in person, fresh from the kitchen.

A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco Menu :

 A La Turca Restaurant menu

A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco menu

A La Turca Restaurant San Francisco menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Tasty food and very friendly service. Heavy on the tomato flavors in both dishes we tried, but I’d recommend this place for sure.

comment 2 :

I ordered the Combo Döner, it was ready very quickly (I believe only 5 minutes) but did not feel steaming hot. The meat did not have much flavor so I will order a different dish next time. (Maybe I should come on a different day of the week?) There are beautiful murals on the wall and the lighting seems like it is part of the painting! They have a television playing musical performances, peaceful atmosphere. There are 2-top tables outside and all the larger tables are inside. Their bathroom sink runs hot water, everything is very clean. If it is your first time at the restaurant, order at the counter before sitting down because it seems like only regulars get their orders taken at the table.

comment 3 :

This is really good. I passed by it 3 years and finally went in because I delivered for Uber and I decided to have some myself. It’s super fresh. Well, you have to order when it just comes out. I saw it came out so I knew it’s fresh. Love it. Turkish guy challenged me with Greek too. Haha. Cuz I said I had a Greek husband. And his cuisine is similar. He said he stole from him. Haha. Who knows? They are all delicious. That’s the most important thing. And I gave him a lotus flower that my fellow Chinese gale made. Wish him luck!

Comment 4 :

I like the people, service and food. They’ve their own treatment as you feel like guest and intentionally trying their best efforts for tasting authentic Turkish delicious foods. I like lahmacun, deserts, eggplant varieties, kebabs, soups etc.

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