Afghan Grill Restaurant Washington DC

Afghan Grill Restaurants in Washington DC Conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the Omni hotel, my wife and I felt like trying Afghan food for the first time. The staff were super kind and accommodating to our ignorance of the food and made recommendations for both of us to share. The taste was absolutely amazing! My wife and I highly recommend giving it a try!

  • Name : Afghan Grill Restaurants 
  • Worktime : all week 11:00AM-8:00PM
  • Type :Afghani Restaurant – Halal
  • Assessment : 4.0
  • Prices: Medium: $$ – $$$
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Afghan Grill Restaurants  Address :

2309 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008, United States

Afghan Grill Restaurants  Phone number :


Best seller :

Afghani scrambled eggs

Avacado Toast

Lamb chops

Kadu Buranee (pumpkin)

Afghan Grill Restaurants Menu

Afghan Grill Restaurants menu Afghan Grill Restaurants menu Afghan Grill Restaurants menu Afghan Grill Restaurants menu

Visitors’ Comments

Comment 1 :

Honestly we loved this small hidden restaurant. The manager and servers were amazing, warm, and funny. They were very welcoming to my large, loud, and energetic family and friends 😂 . The food was great, and I am very picky. I have never had Afghan food and am now very open to try something new again.

Comment 2 :

Portions are nice, price is competitive, and the food is delicious! There is so much flavor and the kabob is not overcooked at all. Everything down to the rice is seasoned and cooked wonderfully. I ordered delivery from them and my only issue was something that actually was the fault of the delivery service. Even so, when I called the owner answered and was very patient and generous even though the mistake was not his fault. I won’t be in D.C long enough to order again this trip, but I look forward to eating from this restaurant again in the future.

Edit: AND I was so excited that the menu is quite authentic.

Comment 3 :

You can find the best authentic Afghan food here. The owner was VERY kind, professional, and helpful. Food was really delicious and the service was great. Everything was clean and neat and the sound of music added up to the taste of food and excellent customer service. Thanks for everything!!!!

I really recommend this place for any type of get together or meetings in addition to casual dining with friends and family.

Comment 4 :

Consistently delicious food. I have been coming here for decades and this past weekend introduced my wife to Afghan Grill. She has spent decades working in Afghanistan and says this is the closest she’s found to what she eats in-country. The aushak leek dumplings, mantoo meat dumplings and kadu buranee sauteed pumpkin in yogurt are all great appetizers — and I’m hugely partial to the qubili palao, with its perfectly cooked saffron rice, steamed carrots and raisins, and generous portions of succulent lamb chunks. Please support this place! It’s a gem.

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