Al-amir Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant Virginia 2024 Delicious food

"Al-Amir Mediterranean Cuisine: Virginia's Taste of the Mediterranean"

Al-amir Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant Virginia Amazing place! The food is the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever had. The falafel was our of this world!!

Al-amir Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant Virginia

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3

Al-amir Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant

Real experience Amazing and flavorful Arabia food! Came from NC and it was fresh, made to order. The staff was also very friendly and patient. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone, 100/10! Great place for falafel. I also enjoyed the small app they gave me. Cant speak on other dishes.

I only had falafel sandwich and fries both times I came here. Do wish they would play the same fire music they play in the kitchen out in the dining area. Whatever that was it slapped.

Al-amir Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant Virginia menuAl-amir Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant menu

What a trip to flavor country. Let me start with the service. Nadine was polite and gave us great advice on what was best to order. We had our drinks filled more often than a sailor swears. The restaurant was cleaner than one would expect in rva, somehow they’re winning the war against the general historic Richmond atmosphere. It was appetizing to find no fault nor splash of errant sauce on any surface.

But on to the best part because one should be succinct if anything when leaving a review: the food had a balanced level of seasoning, setting off complimentary flavor like firecrackers in one’s mouth, quickly tamed by sweet garlic cream sauce and elevated by the savory spoonful of saffron rice nestled timelyin between other bites.

Prepare an Uber. They don’t serve alcohol that I observed but I left with a food coma more powerful than any three shots of quality Irish whiskey. This was a good time. And now, I will sleep off the metric ton of various meats I have devoured. Bee tea dubs, the family meal was an affordable way of gaining 3 lbs in a day and it was worth it

I got half chicken MANDI with rice and French fries The food was really good and the chicken was juicy and I like the way it cooked and the seasoning too as well, The people there are so friendly, and always smiling, the girl who served me ( Hager ) was actually so nice, and always follow up with me if I need anything. Absolutely recommend this place

My initial experience was great. I bought the rib burger that comes with fries. It’s a large burger pattie topped with tender rib meat. I went back a second time and was disappointed. I drove off and had to return when I saw my burger, and it seemed they skimmed on the rib. It’s wasn’t like the first time, so I returned it. I explained the issue and was told I could pay for extra meat. After waiting 23 minutes for the manager to return, I was given a refund. I would return again, but I definitely was not pleased with that experience.

It’s hard to find restaurants here that use spices where needed. This one succeeds! Many Lebanese menu items and every dish we got was delicious. From the pita and dips (hummus, garlic, pickles) Chicken Ghallaba, and Lamb Haneeth. The side salad had a refreshing herbed dressing, the lentil soup was mild but good, but I suggest to avoid the side of vegetables and get the rice instead! The vegetables each dish were fresh and flavorful.


finally I came all the way from Newport News for this food! It’s amazing, everything was packaged well, customer service was amazing, one of the employees named Yahya helped my husband and I. He helped with providing me great choices on the menu! I got chicken shawarmas and three drinks which were 2 Arabic teas and a smoothie I customized and I everything was perfectly satisfying! I recommend this place 10/10!

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