Aladdin Halal Restaurant Connecticut 2024 Amazing food

"Discover Authentic Halal Cuisine in Connecticut"

Aladdin Halal Restaurant Connecticut I really do love this place – they have a very vegetarian-friendly menu and the food is consistently of good quality and plenty hot. The owner is also very amiable.

Aladdin Halal Restaurant Connecticut

  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.9
  • pricing: $
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  • Aladdin Halal Restaurant Connecticut phone number:  +18602780202

Aladdin Halal Restaurant

Chicken tender was fresh and very tender. Chicken shawarma over rice: the rice was full with flavor and the seasoning more relevantly to Indian spices. The shawarma was also rich with flavor and very tender. Shawafel was good too. The tahini and garlic sauce were delicious.

We ordered falafel combo which included 6 falafel balls which were so crisp and well spiced. The hummus and baba ghanoush were a must try. The pita pockets were so soft and warmed up well. Overall it was definitely a great experience. I would definitely tell you to try once if you are very fond of Mediterranean food.

Aladdin Halal Restaurant menuAladdin Halal Restaurant Connecticut menumenu Aladdin Halal Restaurantmenu Aladdin Halal Restaurant Connecticut

Great food and service. Excellent experience. We had a party of over 20 people and they accommodated us beautifully. Good was great. Family kabob platters and pizza. The falafels were legit, as were all the meats. Flavored well and cooked to perfection.

Look forward to eating their again before leaving town Both the Mediterranean cuisine and the American cuisine here is great. We stopped by on a Thursday for lunch and there weren’t many people, but service was still slow, so if you’re looking for a quick meal don’t stop here. However, the food is very good, especially considering the price.

This place is absolutely amazing. The mixed platter was pretty good. The hummus was really good too. The pizza was amazing. The crust was crispy and the sauce and toppings were very flavorful. The employees were friendly and helpful too. Their baklava was delicious as well. Would highly recommend!

Great shawarma and falafel gyros and platters. They have several pizza and dessert options. The food is always yummy and the place is open late (1am). The dine-in space is decent with several tables The price is very reasonable and the staff are friendly.

The place is located in Hartford right off of I-91 (a quick detour to grab a takeout meal). This is one of the best kept secrets in Hartford. Incredible cooking. Amazing and authentic Middle Eastern flavors. Can’t say enough. Need an idea? Try the “mixed grill platter”. You won’t be disappointed

Aladdin has potential. They are finding their way. On a busy weekend, I see the struggles as the food comes to the front without a ticket. I see hungry people try to be patient. I had a lamb platter and another item. I got someone else’s order. Soon, I got mine.

The lamb came out a little bit overdone. Not bad though. I think they could be a little more generous with the sides. I didn’t order Pizza, but it smelled great. The chef confirmed that the Lamb was halal, You might find that a good thing. I think that when they get things to flow better, their popularity will grow.

I was looking for a local restaurant/spot serving tabouli salad. A Google search brought up Aladdin Halal. I ordered the Mixed Grill Platter with Tabouli Salad. When I arrived they also had freshly made baklava so I grabbed a piece. The mixed grill platter was a decent size. The meat was flavorful and tender. As good as the Baklava was, the tabouli salad was when better. I’ll definitely be going back for more.


This place was dope! I had my first ever pepperoni pizza here because they had beef pepperoni and it was so good! The house hot sauce is amazing and the variety is great. Its also very affordable and the staff is friendly.

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