Aladdin’s Kitchen Restaurant Washington DC

Aladdin’s Kitchen Restaurant The best jumbo slice in D.C.. I love the cheese pizza w/ chicken. Those are big chunks of chicken too. Prices ain’t steep either. Customer service is also great and professional. I got my pizza in less than 10 minutes.

Aladdin’s Kitchen Address :

1782 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Aladdin’s Kitchen Phone number :

+1 202-986-8900

Best seller :

buffalo wings


falafel platter

fresh salads


Aladdin’s Kitchen Menu :

Aladdin's Kitchen Menu

Aladdin's Kitchen Menu

Aladdin's Kitchen Menu

Aladdin's Kitchen Menu


Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Alright, listen carefully. The thing to get here is the gyro over rice with salad. It’s excellent. Skip the pizza, or go to Duccini for that. The gyro is the star here. It’s cheap, and delicious and there’s tons of gyro meat. Get extra white sauce. If you like Halal Guys, this is the same but cheaper and more tasty.

Comment 2 :

Sure, the pizza is great, but the gyro and kabob platters are delicious!! Spicy chicken kabob isn’t super spicy. Really nice staff!

Comment 3 :

The gyro over rice & salad is DELICIOUS.
Their Greek pizza is also really good. It’s so good that before trying this pizza, I did not like olives. I don’t know what they did to make that pizza and olive combination taste scrumptious but they did it. The cheesecake is also tasty & creamy.

Comment 4 :

Great wings, kubideh, falafel, and chicken kabob. And the best is how fresh the salads are. Plenty of veggies including bell pepper and red onion. Their white sauce is amazing. And they pay attention to our requests (for example, I asked for no bread with the falafel sandwich, and they gave me their delicious falafel atop lovely greens). Thank you, aladdin’s! Every time we eat your food (at least ten times so far, I think more), we’ve been so happy. Thank you!

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