Amir’s Motherland Dish Oregon 2024 Delicious food

"A Taste of Heritage: Amir's Motherland Dish, Oregon"

Amir’s Motherland Dish Oregon Delicious food! Their rice and beef is absolutely amazing. The staff is always nice and welcoming. One of my favorite restaurants.

Amir’s Motherland Dish Oregon

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  • Amir’s Motherland Dish Oregon phone number: +15039337368
Amir's Motherland Dish Oregon Loved my $10 veggie dish with rice & a sweet banana to go. Huge portion for $10. The other group of diners tried all the dishes & seemed to be raving about their fish so I want to come back & try that! Healthy, well spiced, delicious & well priced. Pretty much the dream meal. Amir's Motherland Dish menuAmir's Motherland Dish Oregon menu Always enjoyed eating food here, consistently make good food, good portion size and price. They are working to improve atmosphere and hopefully will turn it to nice restaurantNot the fanviest place, but the food is excellent. East African food other than Ethiopian isn’t common in Portland. This littlecr restaurant does a nice range of dishes very well. Ugali and breafs, flavorful goat, spicy chicken. They’re doing a great job on a shoestring, and i wish them the best.

Wow the food is amazing! Goat falls off the bone, the rice is so tasty, plus perfect little garnishes make it simple, yet flavorful, with big portions. I can’t wait to get take out from here again!Probably one of the few actual “halal z” places. If you’re in the mood for halal desi food this is the place. Yes it’s Somali, but the food will hit the spot. Ignore the interior decor and just enjoy big portions at a great price. This rice dishes re basically pulaos, the chai is excellent, and the samosas are on point.

I wasn’t even planning on getting any food at all but after I walked by and smelled what they were cooking here I had to turn around. I just said chicken and rice cause it seemed like a safe bet and I hadn’t even glanced at the menu. They barely spoke to me, barely looked at me, walked into a humble kitchen, and faster than you can say “fall off the bone” came out with a box full of food that is still one of the best meals I’ve eaten this entire year so far.
Even as I eat it after it’s sat in my fridge at home for almost ten hours, it’s still in my top three African meals I’ve enjoyed in my life.
I had a ten dollar bill and a twenty dollar and she only asked me for ten dollars. She also let me get a sprite. They are the cold, African aunt and uncle I never had.
First time trying some take out from this place and I was impressed. We had the goat and beef with rice dishes.. it was delicious. Food was like a home cooked meal, very flavorful. I want to try their chicken next time because I will be coming back for more.

I accidentally ended up at Amir’s as the Ethiopian restaurant I was visiting was closed. I explained was unfamiliar with the East African cuisine and immediately was given some delicious tea and samples of the yummy samosas and sweet bread. The very friendly owner offered to make me whatever Ethiopian food I was craving and explained her own dishes. I decided on a veggie platter and a goat and rice dish . It was all delicious. I am so glad I found this place and this will now be my go whenever I pass through the area. Highly recommend!!! They can make so much more than the few dishes on the menu

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