Antalia NYC Restaurant new york

Antalia NYC Restaurant new york One of the best Turkish restaurant I have visited. They had amazing decor and the outdoor patio was very cute. The prices were very affordable compared to other locations in Midtown Manhattan. I felt very comfortable dining there as all the staff had masks on including the chefs, hand sanitizers in all parts of the restaurant.

  • Name :  Antalia NYC Restaurant
  • Worktime : , ,11:30AM-9:00PM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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Antalia NYC Restaurant new york Address :

W 45th St, New York, NY

Antalia NYC Restaurant new york number :


Best seller :

Turkish restaurant serving zaatar bread
His meals are delicious and it was my order
-The mixed grills
Iskandar meal
Turkish tea

Antalia NYC Restaurant new york Menu :



Antalia NYC Restaurant menu


Antalia NYC Restaurant menu


Antalia NYC Restaurant menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

I wanted to take the time out to share with the world my experience at this lovely establishment. For starters, Josh (the waiter) greeted me and directed me to my table. I then was able to take in the restaurant’s surroundings and was amazed at the ambiance before me. Next, Josh comes over and introduces himself to me. Charming, outgoing, well-spoken, professional guy. I inform him that I’m a Pescatarian, and he then gave me a lot of seafood options to try. Now, I’m scanning the menu and saw so many delicious items. I then asked about their Calamari because I am a big fan of deep-fried Calamari. He then proceeds to go into details, and I was sold. I ordered a Turkish espresso shot and a bottle of Pellegrino sparkling water. As I am waiting for my food, Josh and I chatted here and there. Next, the food has arrived. When I took my first bite into the Calamari, my whole life changed before my eyes. The first bite was something I’ve never experienced before. I had to get Josh’s attention and ask what is in this batter? I’ve tried Calamari at many restaurants but NEVER like this. Each bite hit me with a burst of flavors every time I chewed into the food. It even made me feel warm inside. And to be honest with you, tears did form in my eyes because I was in calamari heaven. I then knew I came to the right place; I expressed my feelings and emotions when it came to how satisfied I was at that very moment. Josh was so shocked at the way I was reacting over food, yes food. I love food! Ha, after my lunch, I promised Josh that I would be back to try another seafood item on the menu. And I did just that the next day. On this day, I believe I ordered the Crab cakes, and boy, ole boy, they melted in my mouth. The warmth, flavors, butter, the lump crab meat was just what I needed. Now that’s day 2 of complete satisfaction. I still didn’t get enough of the restaurant and decided to try every item on the menu because I was in town for a month, and my hotel was about five blocks away. Day after day, I tried something new on the menu. I even got a chance to meet the owner of the restaurant named Sergio. What a fantastic guy he is. Meeting him and Josh was the most exciting part of my trip. Throughout my dining, Josh and Sergio were able to convince me to try their dessert. Now, I am no big fan of dessert, and I declined. But Josh didn’t take no for an answer, so he asked me to try their rice pudding, and it was great. I never liked rice pudding before, but Josh changed my perspective on rice pudding. Thank you, Josh! I even tried other desserts they had, and I was just a happy man. Now, time is winding down, and my birthday is approaching. I visited the restaurant that weekend before my birthday and ordered their sea bass entree, and when I bite into it, I felt happy once more. To sum things about my experience at this restaurant, I would rate it five stars for EVERYTHING. To Josh, Sergio, and the entire staff, THANK YOU and know that I have much love for the restaurant. Please note that I will always visit your beautiful restaurant anytime I am in New York City. You all made my entire trip with the excellent service and delicious food. I’ll be back soon, my friends.

comment2 :

One of the best Turkish restaurants ive been to. Heated outdoor patio was really fun to sit at. Love the fact that everyone was following social distance guidelines

comment 3 :

Wonderful restaurant! John was a very accommodating waiter!! Def going back

Comment 4 :

I brought my friend here to try their lunch menu and, boy, were we stuffed and satisfied at the end haha. We barely had room for dessert! The lunch special portions are great, and since the food is homemade and healthy, it left us feeling very full without feeling heavy and groggy.

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