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"A Taste of the Islands at Archipelago Restaurant"

Archipelago Restaurant Archipelago might be the best restaurant in Seattle, full stop. Definitely a high-end meal, the tasting course functions as an experience in addition to the meal. Throughout the modern takes on Filipino dishes, you learn about the history of Filipino immigration in Seattle, and the lives of said immigrants.

Archipelago Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.9
  • pricing: $$

Archipelago Restaurant

Excellent food, great rep of Pacific nw, wonderful example of Filipino heritage based recipe’s with a gourmet flair. Unique experience. You gotta do this!

Archipelago Restaurant MenuArchipelago Menu

We LOVED everything! Archipelago was not only delicious and fun, but also intellectually stimulating. So much thought went into every detail of our meal, from a call before our dinner to gather individual food allergies/dislikes to juice pairings for anyone who does not drink alcohol to the stories/slides about Filipino culture that accompanies every course to a game to gauge level of fullness before the main protein course to a beautifully gift boxed dessert presented at the end of the meal. It wasn’t easy getting our reservation on Tock, but well worth the effort.

Excellent food, great stories, perfectly sized portions. Not a lot of diversity in the guests dining but your mileage may vary. If you can get a reservation here definitely do it. Very cozy and comfortable seating alongside a very attentive staff that makes the space very workable. I would consider this place equivalent to a 2 star Michelin restaurant. While it’s not as extravagant as Canlis, the close comfort and personal correspondence with the Chef throughout the meal is a big highlight.

Easily one of if not the best tasting menus in the greater Seattle area. Not only was the food phenomenal (as expected) but the overarching narrative and course design really put this dining experience over the top. Chef Aaron and team really have something special going on here, so definitely try to find a spot if you can! (Also 100% recommend the non-alcoholic juice pairing, was super fun and very well crafted!)

Great dinner experience overall, the highlights were the courtesy of the staff and the well curated experience, including the interesting nuggets of Filipino-American history (although at times only vaguely related to the food, and I personally prefer to hear more about how the dishes are conceived and the ingredients chosen). The cozy setting (only 12 seats) is a plus, but overall the atmosphere is not at the level of a fine dining experience (for example, guests have to wait outside in the street before seating at the table or counter).

The food is very good and definitely worth trying at least once. However, some dishes are fairly ordinary (e.g. the wok-fried noodles and the lechón were good but definitely not unique, and the salmon croquette appetizer was underwhelming). The price is fair when considering the service level, reduced number of seats, and the 10 course menu. Overall, a better atmosphere and some more effort to make the dishes unique would certainly take this place to 5 stars.


If you enjoy a culturally immersive experience as well as a fantastic food adventure this is PERFECT!!!! Came in knowing nothing about Filipino culture nor history and left incredibly enlightened! The food balances every bit of flavor profile you can think of fatty, sweet, sour, savory and their wine pairing with each dish was incredible! I must warn you it does take a dent on your wallet but DEFINITELY worth the splurge on a special occasion! Thank you so much Archipelago for making my date night special! For those on dietary restrictions have no fear– they will accommodate you (:

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