Arlington Kabob restaurant Virginia 2024 Beautiful food

"Arlington Kabob: Virginia's Persian Culinary Gem"

Arlington Kabob restaurant Virginia Excellent and clean restaurant and delicious food and it has kebab and shawarma the restaurant is Afghan

Arlington Kabob restaurant Virginia

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $
  • Arlington Kabob restaurant Virginia phone number: +17035311498

Arlington Kabob restaurant Virginia

Literally wowed!!! This is the best kobab and kufta restaurant experience I’ve ever had. I ordered combo of 4 yesterday. Food was very tasty, delicious, clean, fresh and outstanding. The naan was super great!! The portions were big enough for 6-7 people not only 4. They also gave me extra sauces like 6 of them. Customer service was very professional and polite.
The person who answered the phone gave me all the time to explain the menu and how to order and what will be included already. When I went there they sent one of the staff to help me carry the bags. I would definitely order again and again and try the rest of the menu. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!!!! Absolutely recommend this place!!!

Arlington Kabob restaurant Virginia menu

The restaurant is very simple and its sessions are not excited, I ordered a plate of grills and a plate of shawarma, the grills mix of meat and chicken comes with two types of rice, chicken is better than meat, their meat has a strange taste, Shawarma is not like what we are used to Maybe this is the way of Afghan Shawarma I didn’t like it, maybe others like it,,,

The thing I liked the most they have the bread is delicious Especially if it is hot reminds me of our Tamees in Saudi Arabia … Their prices are a little expensive, I mean the barbecue is a plate of 3 people, a plate of Shawarma and two cans of Coca-Cola, it came out to me for 50 dollars

We got takeout for dinner and tried the chicken kabob and beef kabob. They come with rice, naan, and a vegetable (we tried the chickpeas and salad). The beef kabob was very tender!!! The chicken was just okay but i think it’s hard to make an impressive chicken. The bread was really really good especially with the green sauce they give you! We wish it had a spicy sauce or something for the rice.

We placed our order over the phone and it was ready fast – very convenient and good service I ordered the lamb shank qabuli pulaw via Door dash. My entire meal was so delicious! The lamb was tender, the chickpeas were how I like them, and the pulaw was tasty.

The carrots in the pulaw seemed to be very sweet. I wonder if they add sugar to the carrots while cooking. I hope not! I can’t wait to try other dishes in their menu. I also thought it was reasonably priced.

The BEST place for Kabobs in the entire NoVa area. Not only is the food amazing, but the employees are so sweet and sincerely kind and caring. The food amazingly delicious and it tastes that much better when combined with the best customer service around. Myself and our families will go nowhere else for Kabobs, Lentil soup is a must as well, along with the Baklava (w/ or w/o walnuts) is mouth watering yummy too.

I had an exceptional experience at Arlington Kabob! The customer service surpassed expectations, and the food was not only amazing but also incredibly fresh. The prices were remarkably reasonable, and their attentiveness, such as providing butter and sauces, added a thoughtful touch.

The dishes were impeccably clean, and the food presentation was exemplary. The only suggestion for improvement would be to consider expanding the dining area. The free tea was a delightful surprise, adding to the overall positive experience.

It’s no wonder they have such high ratings on Google—choosing them based on those reviews was absolutely right! A heartfelt thank you for the fantastic dining experience with friends and family. If I could, I would give them a 10 out of 5.


Definitely one of the best kabob restaurants I’ve had in a long time. Each kabob was super tasty, flavorful, and incredibly tender, including the lamb kabobs! The brown rice with the white yogurt sauce goes so well with the kabobs too! Portions are generous, especially the size of the naans.

We got the combo platter for 3 and I would definitely order this again; no complaints about any of the items included in the meal.

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