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Baked in Bosnia Restaurant Our meal from Baked in Bosnia was delicious, and visually appealing, from the bigger dishes down to wonderful rose lemonade and the best baklava I’ve ever had. The person who met me at the curb was prompt and cordial. I’ll be back!

Baked in Bosnia Restaurant

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Baked in Bosnia

This food is AWESOME. Selma and her team at Baked in Bosnia have worked hard to bring Seattle the best Bosnian food I’ve ever had. Those pitas are to die for, their portioning is so worth it, and it feels great to support a local woman-owned-and-operated-business like this. Sign up for your first pickup now!

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We tried the Baked in Bosnia offering of the German Apple Cake from the Seattle Center during Croatia Fest. We were in the city to check out the sights and came upon the fact that they were having Croatia Fest in the Seattle Center while we were there. A few vendors were there and we came upon the Baked in Bosnia table to see what they had to offer. We were greeted warmly and found that they had a lot of desserts that we could try. The apple cake caught our attention & we picked up one to try out.

The cake was good and was very moist, a bit more moist than I was really expecting. The flavor was good and we got a good sized slice of cake to try out. Overall I would say this one is good to try and if you are an apple fan you will likely find this one to be good. I think it was supposed to have whipped cream based on their website but likely couldn’t be done at the location…

I think this would have been a better cake with the whipped cream as it didn’t have a huge amount of flavor so that’s where I landed at the middle of the road area. Try this out from the direct and I think you’ll find it to be pretty good.

Baked in Bosnia has the most authentic tasting pita I have ever tasted outside of Balkans! Perfect chewy texture with smell that took me right back to my childhood. I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to taste what true, authentic, Bosnian food is like, this is the place.

Absolutely fantastic!! Made for a really fun surprise date night. Everything was really delicious and I can’t wait to order again! The pita was to die for, the gulash was so dang good, and the baklava was perfect!

My partner’s favorite was the gulash and my favorite was the pita.

We ordered the hot dog, goulash, vegetarian pita, salad, baklava, and rose lemonade— a bit of everything to test the menu. Not a single disappointment here, everything was baked and cooked with love and even though we ate it at the beach park, it felt like we were eating in a family’s dining room. And what did we expect? Every reviewer here is raving about the food and now so am I.

I am very happy we were recommended by a friend to buy food, that’s similar to our native Bulgarian food.
I ordered for our twins 4th birthday. We had to change order in the last moment, we weren’t able to go and pick up it … But Selma handled all graciously- with emphaty and understanding , and she even came to deliver it to our place we were celebrated!

The food was giant burek and my guests loved it and it was the main dish , that had been quickly eaten. Great quality and service for the price! We also tested another dishes from Baked in Bosna while visited a friend. It’s like the taste of my childhood!

This comming birthday I definitely will order more, and would love to invite her oficialy with her sweet family to be our guests. Sorry that I didn’t arrange an invitation for the previous birthday.
Also the online ordering is easy and convenient.
Wishing to Selma and her business Selma all the best!


The food is amazing! We have ordered many times (as the menu changes each week) and have never been disappointed. The goulash is fantastic and mildly spicy and we can never get enough of the wonderful baklava. Fantastic Bosnian cuisine!

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