Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant in Washington DC

Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant in Washington DC One of the most authentic Paris experiences you can have in DC. I love this place. I always get the mussels Roquefort and foie Gras when we go. Expect to have time to enjoy the company that you’re with. This will not be a rushed experience.

  • Name : Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant
  • Worktime : , ,11:30AM-10:00PM
  • Type : French food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant Address :

1738 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009،

Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant Phone number :


Best seller :


Leek soup, salmon lime

rice pudding

Beef tartar

smoked salmon eggs

Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant Menu :

Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant Menu

Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant Menu

Bistrot Du Coin Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Really great spot. Unpretentious and good quality food. Very friendly staff and I believe owner who was there. Strongly recommend

comment 2 :

Like the famous Katz Deli in NYC, this place is the French version of that. Just amazing through and through. The most homey French food (and surprisingly huge portions) in a well lit family style red checkered tablecloth setting, and a full huge bar, we felt like we were somewhere just outside of Paris, like Nice, maybe. Service

is very French too haha (or Dutch?). We had the French Onion soup which was the best I’ve ever had, delicious cheese top and hearty juicy onion soup. The seafood ravioli was my personal favorite – the veggies and shrimp and pasta and cheese and mushrooms in lobster sauce made such a rich taste, very filling too. And the Cassoulet de Bistrotier stands out too as a front runner, so tasty and hot, exceptional sausage, pork fat, and strong delicious lamb flavors on top of the beans. Just exceptional food. Enjoy every bite.

comment 3 :

I went there to treat myself for Valentine’s Day! And what a treat! Every bite was heaven. I know it seems like I’m exaggerating but really the food is delicious. The service was kind and friendly. It was also quick for such a busy place. I recommend this place. Try the lapin for main course and the escargots(snails) for starter. If you’re not into snail and rather get meat, the merguez is a good suggestion. But honestly try everything. It’s worth it

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