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"A Taste of the Black Sea: Discovering Culinary Delights in Minnesota"

Black Sea Restaurant Minnesota Excellent food, Friendly staff and great value make this place a hidden gem. I highly recommend

Black Sea Restaurant Minnesota

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $
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  • Black Sea Restaurant Minnesota phone number: +16514840600

Black Sea Restaurant

Amazing food and super cheap as well. The gyros comes with fries and your own sauce. Ordered the MIXED GYRO SANDWICH. Definitely great meals and food comes out fast/quick.

Black Sea Restaurant Minnesota MenuBlack Sea Restaurant MenuMenu Black Sea Restaurant Minnesota

I come here every couple of weeks when I’m in the area, the chef, Tolga makes the absolute best food I’ve ever had, called Iskender. Everything else on the menu looks great, but this stuff is just amazing. It’s just a big plate full of chopped pita, meat, and sauces.

Every bite is a little bit different, some are more chewy cause there’s more pita in that bite, some are more savory with the tomato sauce, some are more mellow with the white sauce, so it’s like an adventure for your mouth the entire time you’re eating it.

Another thing that’s great, the first time I came here I ordered an appetizer, something called a mezza plate and an entree, thinking I’m a big guy so that should be an appropriate amount of food, but the portions were much more than I expected, could’ve easily been two meals. So overall, yes, five stars, favorite place

After listening to so many of my coworkers rave about this place I finally decided to give it a try. It instantly became one of my favorite restaurants as they have so many options and everything has been excellent, especially when you go beyond the standard gyro. Any time I go with someone for their first time I always suggest one of the combo platters as it’s not just an impressive presentation, but it also allows them to try the various meats to determine what they like best for their next visit.

They seem to get a lot of repeat business from others I recognize there now, but I have even seen people that I brought there for their first time now bringing others. That surely makes for a friendly atmosphere as the owner seems to have developed a lot of relationships with his customers over the years. I love to see that as that is how a lot of restaurants used to be as we were growing up, making those our family favorites and this place is now one of ours.

Absolutely delicious! I had ordered all this to try different items and the spinach pie was my favorite. Reasonably priced and a steady stream of repeat customers as I ate, whom the owner welcomed as friends, while he was courteous and helpful to those of us newbies, deciding what to try. Definitely worth a repeat business, and looking forward to my leftovers.

I got a vegetarian dish that was very bland. The fries were great along with the drinks I do wish I tried the dessert which looked pretty good. The service was quick and timely, however they were quite rude when we arrived and said there were 10 of us now granted I would be upset to have 10 people randomly show up as well but there was no need to be so rude about it. Along with the fact that there was only 4 other people in the restaurant. All in all decent food. Quick but rude service.

Apparently Black Sea Restaurant has been open for 10 years, but this was my first visit. Spinach Borek appetizer was tasty, but erred toward bland (served with a pickled pepperoncini which helped), and the Beef Kabob was excellent. Moderate prices, fast and friendly service. A little too quiet which is always better than too loud. More people need to check out this place! They have BAKLAVA


Excellent food, and nice open restaurant. The Turkish salad is delicious and so is the baklava. Fast service, friendly staff.

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