Bonci Pizzeria restaurant (prices + menu + location)

Bonci Pizzeria restaurant Amazing pizza!! The quality at the Chicago location matches that of the location in Italy. There are quite a few vegetarian options as well. We will definitely be back. I highly recommend Bonci to everyone who asks for pizza recommendations

Name: Bonci Pizzeria restaurant

Type: pizza  Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:11:30am-8:00pm

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address Bonci Pizzeria restaurant

N Sangamon St, Chicago, IL 60607،United States

Phone number Bonci Pizzeria restaurant


Bonci Pizzeria restaurant

Awesome concept that allows you to try many of their delicious pizzas in one sitting. Favorites: zucchini and ricotta, sausage and pepper, arugula and tomato

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YUM YUM YUM!!! 👍What a fantastic pizza option! This is not your typical deep dish Chicago pizza,or Detroit pizza or super thing crust pizza. These pizzas are medium thickness with a tasty and chewy crust. The toppings are creative and blend together nicely. I especially liked the ricotta, cucumber, lime zest pizza. You buy the pizza by the 1/4 lb – it’s a generous slice – I recommend 2 slices for most appetites. It goes on the repeat list! Don’t miss this yummy slice of the Chicago pizza scene

Menu Bonci Pizzeria restaurant

Bonci Pizzeria restaurant menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

This place is great! You let them know how big of a piece to cut with their scissors and then you pay by the weight. They will let you get a very small since just to try a flavor. The ricotta and zucchini is amazing. The pepperoni is fantastic. Everything I have tried has been awesome. They also have some bottled and canned drinks that are great like the Harney and Sons tea options. I would highly recommend this place!

Review to

We went here after eating and drinking lightly at Timeout Chicago. The pizza here was thin and tasty like in Italian pizza. I was very happy because there were many variations of pizza. Every pizza was ingenious and delicious

Review three

My favorite was the smoked salmon! Next favorite is Meatball Ragu. Potato was underwhelming but unique. The actual crust is delicious with a great bite to it. We ended up getting 2 rounds of 1 full box of pizza. It came out to about $10-12 per person, and the 2 boxes fed 4 adults and 1 kid very comfortably with leftovers!

Review four

This is my favorite pizza place. It has amazing variety with ever changing combos. You get to look at all their options and select how much (or little) you want them to cut out for you, then you pay by weight. This gives great opportunity for trying unusual flavors, and for trying lots of toppings with a group.

Bonci Pizzeria

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