Bukom Restaurant Washington DC

Bukom Restaurant Washington DC Beautiful restaurant, delicious dishes; a Excellent African cuisine. Had a nice bowl of pepper soup and Cassava leaves with rice. Keep it up

  • Name : Bukom Restaurant
  • Worktime : ,3:00–10:00 p.m.
  • Type : African food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Bukom Restaurant Washington DC Address :

2442 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009،

Bukom Restaurant Washington DC Phone number :


Best seller :

cassava leaves with rice


Grilled chicken

Bukom Restaurant Menu :

Bukom Restaurant Menu

Bukom Restaurant Menu

Bukom Restaurant Menu

Bukom Restaurant Menu

Bukom Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

This was my first time eating here and I thought the food was just wonderful. The staff were very attentive and friendly. They made sure our needs were met and even while the place was busy and their were o let two guys they did a fantastic job I would recommend this place again. Also the music was very nice and family friendly 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
comment 2 :
Great place to go when you feel like dancing on a weekend night by yourself with no frills or fuss! This review is for the live music and night life vibes. I have never actually eaten there. I just walked in to dance numerous times and always enjoyed myself.
The food is delicious but takes a while to arrive. The garden salad was very boring but the wings came with a delicious sauce with a cinnamon flavored sauce. The entree called Vegetarian II came with a delicious bean with a string smoky flavoured which I loved.
comment3 :
I had been looking for some good Egusi Soup since Naija Cafe in Clinton is too far from me. Then one day I took a chance to order them off Doordash. They have THE BEST egusi I have ever tasted! Very well seasoned & the goat meat was SOOO tender & the pounded yam was so soft and fresh & it wasn’t too spicy which I was happy about ☺ wish it had ponmo in it also 😩 the only issue is for 17$ I wish that it came in a much bigger container

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