BULSHO restaurant (prices + menu + locations )

BULSHO restaurant Delicious African food, big portions, halal and reasonable prices. People that work there are so friendly and provide great service

  • Name: BULSHO restaurant
  • Type: East African food restaurant
  • Category: groups/individuals
  • Child: Appropriate
  • Music: There is
  • Beer: nothing
  • work Time:  11:00am-10:00pm
  • Official websiteclick here
  • Location click here

Address BULSHO restaurant 

211 W Walton St, Chicago, IL 60610،

  Phone number BULSHO restaurant 


Recommended foods

Some of my favorite rice I’ve ever had and the sambusas are so delicious too! Great value for everything here. So glad we were able to find this place.
I thought I would be adventurous, as I was wandering Chicago in the cold and driving rain, so I stopped in. The place was parked up with Chicago Cabbies, seemed like a Somali hot spot.

Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

This place has always given my wife and I great meals after our workouts. Rice, veggies, fried or roasted Chicken, they have all the Somali goodness you want consistently.
Cheap, delicious, and a lot of food. Very friendly staff who were able to explain the food to me as I was not well versed in African cuisine. I’ve been back several times since. Huge fan

Review two

We found ourselves stuck in Chicago after our flight was delayed causing us to miss our connection flight. We were tired and hungry for a good authentic African meal…Kenyan meal, Even though it’s not a a Kenyan restaurant, a Google search for Kenyan food lead us to BULSHO. took an Uber from our hotel near O’Hare Airport’s to BULSHO.

The restaurant was 16 miles and with the usual Chicago traffic. It took over an hour. Upon arriving, I was a little disappointed to see the dilapidated and unkept location. Nonetheless, except for alot of men just standing and engaging in what seemed to be very lively conversations.

Review three

the appearance and lack of amenities may not be for everyone. That said, pick-up take-out if you’re on the fence, I bet you’ll go back or tell an adventurous foodie friend like me.

When I entered I was greeted kindly and given time to look over the cafeteria style offerings. One of the gentleman behind the counter recognized my puzzled look and proceeded to kindly show me each offering.
Spicy rice, chicken three ways, sliced beef with peppers, a version of spaghetti, and a herbed/seasoned grits-like side i missed the name of. I intended to get just a small meal to warm me on my wanderings.

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