Butter Chicken Company Washington DC

Butter Chicken Company Washington DC One of DC’s finest Indian cuisine. The butter chicken is a must have! Affordable prices with amazing staff.

  • Name :  Butter Chicken Company
  • Worktime : , ,, 5:00-10:00 p.m.
  • Type :  Indian food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Butter Chicken Company Washington DC Address :

818 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Butter Chicken Company Washington DC Phone number :


Best seller :

Butter chicken
Sides of spinach and chickpeas
chicken nuggets meat

Chicken Makhani

Butter Chicken Company Menu :

Butter Chicken Company Menu

Butter Chicken Company Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Great place for a pickup or a sit down, cool vibe to the place and kind workers. Small menu but that means they do what they do well. Had the Tikka masala and it was rich and flavorful but fresh and tender with a slight spicy kick. Huge servings too. Asked them to trade out the naan for rice (gluten free allergy) and they left out the saag paneer so it might have gluten in it? In any case I’m excited to try their butter chicken next!
comment 2 :
Incredible butter chicken! It tastes so fresh and the chicken is so tender. The staff are friendly and quick to offer service. The seating is cute and cozy, plus they offer carryout.
street food vendors across India. The curries are tasty and come in hearty portions. Not an overwhelming range of options. You can see everything that you’re getting. High quality for fast casual. Awesome lunch!
comment 3 :
Does not disappoint. But get there early! Choose 1 of 2 choices for entree and pick-2-of-3 sides. Healthy level but not too much spicing. Limited seating but they specialize in to-go (their dishes and utensils are 100% recyclable). Downside is the busier they are the slower the line. Worth.the.wait.
Butter chicken is of course a must try. Very affordable lunch option with naan and chick peas side. Pre covid lines would always be out the door. If new to the area definitely enjoy the shorter wait time

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