Byblos Deli Restaurant Washington DC

Byblos Deli Restaurant in Washington DC  this restaurant was one of the best things of our trip, the food was excellent, all vegetables were fresh and the meat was well cooked. The prices are good as well. Totally worth it. Also the staff working were super nice and polite.

  • Name : Byblos Deli Restaurant
  • Worktime : ,11:00AM-9:00PM
  • Type : Lebanese food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.6
  • Prices : $
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Byblos Deli Restaurant Address :

2006 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314،

Byblos Deli Restaurant Washington DC Phone number :


Best seller :

Delicious soulvaki

chicken sharwama



Byblos Deli Restaurant Menu :

Byblos Deli Restaurant Menu

Byblos Deli Restaurant Menu

Byblos Deli Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Byblos is a good little spot that you might not notice if you were just walking by. It doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself but the food is tasty and affordable by DC standards. I had the Kafta Kebab and fries. The kebab was seasoned well and included exceptionally creamy hummus, as well as tomatoes, onions, and beef The fries were cut thick, lightly salted, and fried optimally (personally I don’t like it

Comment 2:

when fries are super crispy, but these were great). Also a highlight (at least for me) was that Byblos carried Stewart’s soda, which is some of the best you can get in my opinion, and is sweetened purely with cane sugar. On top of everything, the server was friendly, and the food was prepared quickly. I would definitely come here again if I wanted to grab a quick bite.

Comment 3 :

I originally wanted the chicken wings special with fries&soda, but they didn’t have the wings, so I settled for chicken tenders. I also got the barley soup, and baklava. It was all very good. The tenders were seasoned just right, and the baklava was delicious!!! I recommend this place. Very friendly cook. He did a great job!! Next time I’ll try the Byblos special!! 👍


Absolutely lovely place! The food was delicious, the worker (or owner, I’m not sure) was friendly, and the service was fast. My partner and I ordered falafel pitas, and a soda and spent $23 (with tax and tip included) in total. The owner brought out a FREE order of fries after we got our food too!! It was incredibly kind. I think it may have been because we were the only ones in the store when we went (4:30 pm on a Monday) lol. Definitely would go again!!!!

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