Casablanca Restaurant Colorado 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Savoring Mediterranean Flavors: Casablanca Restaurant in Colorado"

Casablanca Restaurant Colorado Delicious food in a nice relaxing environment. Tender meat, low spices but authentic Morocco cuisine. In-house garlic sauce was made to perfection.

Casablanca Restaurant Colorado

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $
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  • Casablanca Restaurant Colorado phone number: +13037224100

Casablanca Restaurant

We were afraid of trying new food, ordered through uber eats. What a pleasant surprise! Juicy,well cooked meat, delicious rice and the dessert was simply splendid. Food for 2 with appetizer ,dessert and drinks for about $40,great deal!

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I will be the first to admit I only snapped photos of the desserts because I was far too hangry to consider my main meal. My husband and I ordered lentil soup, hummus and shawarma plate (chicken), and a fresh strawberry mango juice for entree, and then the desserts pictured – the new owner’s take on a ladyfinger, baklava style; and kenefeh, which is the beautiful saffron colored pastry!

The consistency of the lentil soup, as well as the hummus, was perfect. All the seasonings are amazing, particularly on the chicken shawarma. Abdul, the owner, is very warm and welcoming and has taken a lot of steps to revitalize the restaurant with better lighting for dinner hours, and a comfortable arrangement of Moroccan lounge seating throughout.

Service is fast and easy, and the food is always amazing! Abdul even mentioned they will do large catering orders as well, which I definitely plan to utilize in the future. We will definitely continue to frequent this restaurant!

Me and my wife were visiting from out of town and wanted to order halal kabab. We stopped in Mecca Grill and the chief had it prepared to go in 15 minutes. The price was responsible for the portion of the food which I and my wife split the dish. The meat was juicy and flavorful. We certainly will be back next time when we are in Denver.

One of the best dining experiences I’ve had. I was in town to visit family and we happened upon Mecca Grill. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming. The staff were some of the most kind and hospitable people I’ve met. The food was delicious. We found ourselves adding more and more food as we ate.

The mango juice was fresh and delicious, lamb was cooked perfectly, and do not get us started on the hummus! A must when in Denver. Thank you Mecca Grill

What a wonderful establishment! The chicken sultani (chicken kebab and kafta) was delicious. The chicken succulent and well seasoned. Damn I love a good kafta! The baklava was some of the best I’ve had. As rich as can be and dripping with honey but not so much as to be eating straight sugar then balanced with a healthy dose of earthy nuts. Delicious.

I’m not sure but it seemed like only one person was working that night. He welcomed us, took the order, made the food, and did it all with a smile. We were the only people in there but based on what I ate the place should be packed!


Very fresh food with good sized portions. Prices are excellent and very affordable. My only suggestions would be to put the salad dressing on the side. The lamb could have been seasoned a bit more. I also think the lamb was a little overdone- I prefer my lamb chops more rare. I would just request that cook next time. Definitely a very fulfilling meal! Will definitely try again! Also the mint tea is some of the best tea I’ve ever had

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