Cava Mezze DC Washington DC

Cava Mezze DC Washington DC Better than the usual set up. Here there is full server service and a broader menu. Nice rooftop patio as well.

  • Name :  Cava Mezze DC
  • Worktime : 4:00–9:30 p.m.
  • Type : greek restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.2
  • Prices : $$
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Cava Mezze DC in Washington DC Address :

527 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003،

Cava Mezze DC in Washington DC  Phone number :



Best seller :

small plates



Cava Mezze DC Menu :

Cava Mezze DC Menu

Cava Mezze DC Menu

Cava Mezze DC Menu

Cava Mezze DC Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Great food and happy hour options! I particularly enjoyed the dim lighting in the restaurant and the ambiance. I kept seeing this dish that the waiters light on fire! I will definitely visit again to try different menu items.

I really enjoyed the brunch. I will definitely go here again. I did come around 3PM and I was still able to enjoy brunch. I was really happy that the bar also did the brunch service. Even though I came by myself, I met some interesting people at the bar. All they need to have are some more vegan options.

comment 2:

This time we stopped in to have their very delicious Ginger Beer drink, non-alcoholic. They are so good. The first time we visited we enjoyed our food. Wonderful experience.

This was our second time for there brunch, both times we brought out of town guests with us. The flavors and ambiance were fantastic! The service for the Mimosas can be a bit slow, but still fantastic service! The only thing that we thought was silly was, if one person at the table orders brunch, the entire table has too. We did not care for this because we had a teenager with us who did not really want the brunch. But we all loved it and would go again!

comment3 :

We came here for father’s day. Our waitress was good as was the food. It was obvious that this place is struggling. The support staff must be new. Food came out twice. We all got served at separate times. It’s really tough for restaurants now. We should support them.

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