Ceres Cafe (prices + menu + location)

Ceres Cafe Great food at a very reasonable prices. Fun atmosphere. Really strong drinks – you get your money’s worth!! Perfect after-work gathering place in the heart of the financial district

Name: Ceres Cafe

Type: American Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:11:00am-8:00pm/Saturday, Sunday closed

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address Ceres Cafe

W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604، United States

Phone number Ceres Cafe


Ceres Cafe

Food was excellent and did not take long to arrive. Staff was very kind and service was excellent. Would definitely recommend to eat here

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Very generous portion of alcohol when you order one, not expensive at all, and the chaser is not much extra. I just wish they had a license to serve alcohol later than 7.30pm so you can go later in the night. Great service and location! The whiskey in the picture was like 8 bucks but that’s all I could drink anyway, I was pretty buzzed with that

Menu Ceres Cafe

Ceres Cafe menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Don’t get twisted this is only place to go for drinks are you kidding me??! Please open up soon because Chicagoans are seeking to drink and have a merry good time, responsibly!! Many memories going to this bar when I used to work in the Financial Industry and there is no other place like this bar in downtown Chicago. I am seeking a nice and smooth Amaretto Sour and Thank You

Review to

Coming to Ceres after a local friend’s recommendation. Asked for a good recommendation to Maria, who’s been working for Ceres for 25+ years, and she told me I wont be disappointed. She was right. All of the staff were very attentive and generous. I had a great last meal at Chicago and hope to be back again soon

Review three

I love this place! Great atmosphere for us young professionals to visit after work and grab drinks and network

Review four

This restaurant is obviously one of the finest place in the neighborhood. Whenever I visit this place I am truly glad. They manage their very high standard service and the highest level of cooking they offer. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Highly recommended

Ceres Cafe

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