Chapati Restaurant Indiana 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Experience India in Indiana at Chapati Restaurant"

Chapati Restaurant Indiana Absolutely fantastic atmosphere, smells amazing just walking in the door, the food is absolutely perfect

Chapati Restaurant Indiana

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.2
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  • Chapati Restaurant Indiana phone number: +13174059874

Chapati Restaurant Indiana

We have eaten at Chapati twice now, and the food was amazing both times. If you are unfamiliar with Pakistani food, everything we have had here is very similar to Indian. If you’ve had a lot of Indian (as I have), you may notice some differences from Indian cuisine.

At this visit we ate with friends and ordered several dished family-style: Chicken chili, chicken tikka masala, black lentils, chapati, and puri. Our favorite was the chicken tikka masala, but I recommend all of them! Be advised that there is a kick of heat in all of them to begin with, so even if you order mild then you might find they have a bit of a kick.

There are three menus to choose from: Pakistani, Indian, and chicken. Indian is all vegetarian and Pakistani has lots of protein options (beef, chicken, lamb, goat). I haven’t ordered of the chicken menu, but it’s my understanding this is the house specialty fried chicken.

Chapati Restaurant Indiana Menu

Me and my colleague were craving for some Indian food and we found the perfect spot. We went to Chapati for dinner and was blown away by the service and the quality of food. The restaurant was clean, staffs were friendly, and there is a free parking lot in front. We ordered chicken biriyani, chicken tikka masala, and mango lassi. Everything was delicious! Highly recommend it.

The butter chicken is absolutely delicious.. the portion size is great, I usually get the half order and I always have some to take home. The service is always amazing and extremely friendly. And there are games to play for free! 10/10 recommend

First time earing here the guy on the phone was great and helpful with pronunciations of the menu. I ordered the veggie rice biryani and Chana partha it was amazing and I asked for very spicy and it delivered. I have to give a huge shout out to the owner about his quality of service and he is very respectful.


Chapati is hands down the BEST Indian restaurant and overall restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of eating at. My boyfriend and I come here at least once every couple of weeks. There are so many vegan options also! The service is incredible and we are always greeted with so much kindness and warmth. The food comes out super fast and is always PERFECT. If you haven’t tried Chapati, it is a MUST.

We decided to go here on a whim and we were not disappointed! The atmosphere is so on point, and you feel welcomed immediately stepping through the door. The walls are adorned with super cool and empowering artwork. It’s such a fresh modern atmosphere, but it’s definitely comfortable, like chilling at a friend’s house. We had an amazing time playing ping pong. When you go, don’t forget to check out their specialty chicken and Chilli chicken. All of the food was fresh and delicious. You should be very clear about how spicy you want your food because it can get spicy! All in all, I can’t wait to go back!



One of best places i have had food at. They make it fresh so you might have to wait for your order but the wait is worth it. Tried veg Samosas and Mutton biryani. Both were really good. The best mutton biryani i have had in USA till date. Ordered another mutton biryani. It was that good, freshly made. The only downside is the wait time or else the place is fantastic. The ambiance is really nice, good music.

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