Chicago Q Restaurant

Chicago Q Restaurant this restaurant is awesome!  All of the wait staff are very accommodating and are super helpful in answering any questions you may have about the menu

Name: Chicago Q Restaurant

Type: Grill restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:4:00-9:00 pm/Sunday, 11:00am-9:00pm/Friday, Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address Chicago Q Restaurant

1160 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610،United States

Phone number Chicago Q Restaurant


Chicago Q

Recommended foods

Wonderfully curated drinks, with smoked meats and flavorful unique sauces and to end the experience with homemade cheesecake

Started with the hush puppies which were excellent. Then split the ribs and brisket sandwhich which were both good. Definitely get the fries over the cornbread for the side as the cornbread was super dry. Had a old fashioned to drink which was decent but felt slightly off in that it was missing something or diluted

Menu Chicago Q Restaurant

Chicago Q Restaurant menumenu Chicago Q Restaurant

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

would definitely recommend. Amazing food, good atmosphere, excellent customer service. Our server went out of his way to bring us cake for my husband’s birthday. Love it

Review to

One of the best barbecue restaurants in Chicago amazing flavor.. the cheesecake got to have the cheesecake!! excellent service

I returned for the chips and was greatly disappointed by the decreased quality… they served us limp chips at first, ones that had been sitting in their boxes for quite some time. When we requested more fresh ones, they made a batch that wasn’t seasoned. The inconsistency was surprising and disappointing. Water serving was much slower too, though I appreciate the glass cups versus plastic water bottles. Overall, not as delicious as my very first meal and I can’t confidently recommend it

Review three

As someone raised on Texas BBQ this place does some good BBQ brisket was smoked well (same goes for the chicken) the baby back ribs were stellar and the mac was creamy goodness

Food is always great here. They come with all these sauces. The server was very accommodating. I love their cornbread, especially when you add honey on it. I wish they had honey butter and biscuits. The cheesecake is amazing and the serving size is huge

Review four

This place was just OK. Took way too long to get our food and the BBQ was just whatevs. Cute patio area for outdoor dining tho. Shrimp and grits were awesome tho


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