Chicagos Dog House restaurant 2024 Delicious food

Dog House Restaurant: Where Food and Friends Come Together

Chicagos Dog House restaurant This place was delicious! Small location, tons of personality. Always fun to see a well thought out, creative menu with some fun names. We had the snoop dog and the Rattlesnake/Rabbit dogs ! (The rattlesnake was a special so it may not stick around)

Chicagos Dog House restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$
  • Chicagos Dog House restaurant phone number: +17732483647

Chicagos Dog House restaurant

Best Chicago dog I’ve had (as someone who lives in Chicago)! Everything is made after you order it, fries are crispy and amazing, and they have great weekday deals
Delicious hot dogs and fries served hot and fresh made….loved the names of the hot dogs on the menu…such a neat & unique touch. The restaurant is very small so there is a possibility that you might not get seating when it’s busy…we were lucky enough to get a table!

Menu Chicagos Dog House restaurant

Menu Chicagos Dog House restaurant  


We did our own foodie tour in Chicago and came here before our walk to Lincoln Park. We tried the Chihuahua hot dog which was delicious. You cannot leave Chicago without trying their famous hot dogs.
Spot on for those in search of an authentic, yet modern, take Chicago’s-own encased-meat culinary modus operandi. The guys waste no time or quality in getting your daily dog (or burger, or chicken, or…) dialed in wild. The inside can be cramped when it gets to 1230 so get there early and often…
The employees, were great and friendly. We enjoyed our Chi-dogs, And took a picture under the painting of “Chance the Rapper” pretty cool…..will eat there again when I’m in town.
Hands down the best dogs in Chicago. Everything is made right in front of you – the Chicago Dog is my favourite! Also, the fries are crispy & delicious AND the people who work here are the best. If you don’t get a hot dog here, you’re missing out!
This food was amazing. So many great options to choose from and the owner had such great customer service. I enjoyed everything about my visit and will definitely be a returning customer whenever I visit.
Great dog. Got the Maxwell St Polish – nice crust on the outside. Great toppings. Fresh bun. Little cramped inside. One man show, so expect a little wait
This is such a nice place ,the atmosphere the service especially the food ,just beyond excellent, you can just feel the love and appreciation from the owner and the workers were originally from California and just to feel that warmness was amazing. Thank you for the excellent experience and for the fantastic Chicago dog
Finally tried this place out after passing by it everyday on my commute, for my first time I’m definitely coming back again. Music was awesome I didn’t want to leave. Loved that they were playing football on the tv while I waited for my order. The people working there awesome and friendly too! Food was really good, especially the fries. Excellent service keep it up!!
So the Fries had a hint of Old Oil taste.. The Hotdog was overcooked and taste like it, Chili was watery & the Bun had a strong smell…. So for $4.85 Hard NO for worth it! Hubby had the dbl cheeseburger… It looked dry but he sed it was Ok. But for $10.99 NOT worth it. Culvers is better. Sorry don’t waste ya Money

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