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Chick-fil-A Restaurant West Virginia 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Discover the Best of Chicken at Chick-fil-A in West Virginia"

Chick-fil-A Restaurant West Virginia Fast-food chain serving chicken sandwiches & nuggets along with salads & sides.

Chick-fil-A Restaurant West Virginia

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6 
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Chick-fil-A Restaurant West Virginia phone number: +13045991840

Chick-fil-A Restaurant West Virginia

Chick-fil-A is always on top of their game! Haven’t been inside this particular location for a long time, but we went in to eat last night and the service was excellent as well as the food, not to mention the dining room was clean as a whistle. The young lady who checked me out was very hospitable and even held the door for us as we were leaving! All around great visit!

Chick-fil-A Restaurant West Virginia menu

My first visit to the restaurant,,we were on a field trip and there were tons of kids, and people,,the staff was really on it,,we were served in a fashionable manner,,the chicken tenders were awesome,,, I will return.

Had the cobb salad and it was plentiful. The customer was professional and courteous. If you love chicken is a great place to eat.
Yes, the cost was on a higher scale then most fast foods but I think it taste fresher than mo

We had customized salads and a 30 piece nugget. The food was good but they said they couldn’t remove items from a salad because they didn’t have my more lettuce and the ones they had were already made up. Better planning would have left a few as just lettuce for custom orders. Other than that it was good.

I’m almost always pleased with this chick Fila. The workers are always nice and courteous and the food is excellent

We always love stopping at Chick-fil-A. Love their chicken it has the Best Teast. We have had their nuggets, Grilled Club Sandwich, Wraps, and Salad. Their Lemonade and they have a drink where they mix the Lemonade and Tea I can’t remember what they call it but it is good. Then at Christmas time they make a Milkshake with peppermint candies and chocolate pieces it is the All Time World’s Best.

I don’t get there as often as I would like the closest one to me is an hour away. The only bad thing is like everywhere else the prices have went up, but where hasn’t and you are paying for good quality food.
Try them out if you have not. They are not open on Sundays they are a religious based Owned Company that even makes them more special I think.

Had a really good experience here with a large group. Probably one of the best I’ve ever experienced in a “ feed the multitudes” fast food setting. Something that usually takes a ridiculous amount of time to feed a bus full of band kids, took roughly 40 minutes in and out. Plus the staff actually took really good care of us. This was an unplanned trip too. 5 stars. Thank you!


This Chick-fil-A never disappoints. I’ve been to this location multiple times, and the one time there was a mix-up with the food items, they corrected it and apologized. There have been multiple occasions where there have been school busses or large groups of people who walked in just before me, and I still received my food in a timely manner. Everyone is friendly and the tables are always clean.


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