Committee Restaurant Massachusetts 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"A Taste of Greece in the Heart of Massachusetts"

Committee Restaurant Massachusetts Big hot spot with multiple lounges & bars serving Greek-Med meze, plus tiki cocktails on the patio.

Committee Restaurant Massachusetts

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4 
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Committee Restaurant Massachusetts phone number: +16177375051

Committee Restaurant

a modern Mediterranean establishment in Boston, exceeded all expectations with its impeccable cuisine and inviting ambience.
The food and cocktails stole the show. Each dish was a masterpiece of flavor and innovation, showcasing the diverse culinary influences of the Mediterranean region.
Our Favs were the beans, Cauliflower and potatoes. Lots of great food for vegetarians

Menu Committee Restaurant MassachusettsCommittee Restaurant Massachusetts MenuCommittee Restaurant Massachusetts MenuMenu Committee Restaurant

Surprisingly good Mediterranean restaurant. We chose to go here due to the limited other options in seaport and enjoyed everything we ordered. Stand outs were the beet carpaccio and the Halibut but could also recommend everything else we had.

Prices are pretty fair compared to the portion sizes. Only our waiter seemed very confused throughout the night so would probably hope for someone else to take care of us next time. Would definitely go again

Went for brunch and got the Greek Style Pancakes and Shakshuka! Both were extremely delicious and the perfect amount for 4 people. The pancakes were really unique and the perfect amount of sweetness. The waiter was extremely attentive and we’re so glad that he commended we add the avocado to the Shakshuka!

Spectacular place. When I visit Boston next, Committee is at the top of my list to come back to. First off, atmosphere is totally our vibe. Love the look, furniture, setup, everything. Second, the staff was friendly and helpful.

Third, the food and drink was stellar! We had the Melitzana, zucchini chips, roasted cauliflower, Horiatiki and patates bravas. All were extremely well executed and delicious. Love that we had a lot of vegetarian options. Exceptional flavor in every dish. Definitely highly recommend.

Phenomenal meal. Definitely want to come back because everything was great!

The Trio of Dips were fantastic. They brought us extra pita when we ran out, which was nice. I would highly advise this for an opener!

Talagani was fried at some point, even though it’s on the “cold” menu. Still great. It is a lot of cheese though, just be warned.

Ground lamb meatballs are great for sharing. Delicious.

Don’t sleep on the patates bravas. Amazing that potatoes can taste so good.

Zucchini crisps would also be a good starter. We devoured them.

Spanikopita was served as one fully-enclosed serving. A pretty good amount of food here. Think like a mini beef wellington, but full of the spinach/leek/feta/onion mixture. Hits the spot for sure.

Lastly the cocktails were A+. Wonka’s Chocolate Revenge and Stay Puft were actually extremely good. The menu description makes them seem overly sweet, like a dessert drink, but they are not. Really happy with our meal here, and will be back!

We had brunch and dinner at Committee. Brunch was good but the famous pancakes were too sweet and big. The music during breakfast was loud and obnoxious 80’s pop. Dinner was better with lighter house music. The Meze dishes during dinner were great except for the spinach dish and zucchini crisps.

Recently came here for an excellent lunch! Tried a couple of their sandwiches and would definitely come back (even for takeout). The fries are also tasty and they give a nice portion. We liked the chicken skeposti over the chicken gyro. Easier to eat (and share!) and had more flavor.


Committee has a yummy mix of foods, showing off the city’s diverse culinary scene. Give it a try for a tasty experience!

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