Da Hong Pao Restaurant Washington DC

Da Hong Pao Restaurant  Washington DC One of the best Chinese restaurants in the DMV! We are thrilled they have reopened after a long year. Great food, amazing staff and their menu is off the hook! Tonight’s take out chicken and vegetables and beef and broccoli!

  • Name : Da Hong Pao Restaurant
  • Worktime : 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Type : Chinese food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.4
  • Prices : $$
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Da Hong Pao Restaurant Washington DC Address :

1409 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005،

Da Hong Pao Restaurant Washington DC Phone number :



Best seller :



steamed vegetables.

Da Hong Pao Restaurant Menu :

Da Hong Pao Restaurant

Da Hong Pao Restaurant

Da Hong Pao Restaurant

Da Hong Pao Restaurant

Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Came here with the fam for our first time trying Dim Sum. Did not disappoint. Asked our server to bring us everything he orders for himself. The food was excellent. Service was great. We sat outside and felt very COVID safe. Dog friendly patio. Overall, loved it. We’ll be back soon.

Comment 2 :

I’ve had a great time in this upscale Chinese restaurant. We’ve tried their lobster dish and a tofu dish. Their service was extremely tentative. The wait staff were observant of our needs, providing additional utensils and tools before we even asked for them or realizing that we needed them. They also have a temperature check at the door, during this COVID era. It was funny watching them lifting up the entire stand to reach my forehead to check temperature. They could probably try a hand-held IR gauge instead. It is not a cheap place, but you get what you paid for: Excellent food, quality service, and a great time! It is definitely on my list next time I’m in DC.

Comment 3 :

Great place for dim sum in this part of DC. Don’t come too late though, because most dim sum dishes are not available during dinner time. The quality is pretty good. I like the classics, such as siu Mai and steamed vegetables. The soups were also good.

Came here by myself and the waiters were really nice. Ordered stir fried chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and salt and pepper fried pork chop. Food was amazing that I decided to write a review.

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