DarSalam Restaurant Catering Oregon 2024 Beautiful restaurant

"A Culinary Journey to the Middle East: DarSalam, Oregon"

DarSalam Restaurant Catering Oregon The best Iraqi restaurant I have ever tasted in my life, a distinctive doll and an Iraqi goose and shahi

DarSalam Restaurant Catering Oregon

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
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  • DarSalam Restaurant Catering Oregon phone number: +15034447813

DarSalam Restaurant & Catering

I tried the following items: –

Baba Ganoush: SO delicious, with earthy flavors and textures. The pita was toasty and tasty too. – Iraqi Shish Kabob Plate: The meats were tender and juicy, and the sauces were delicious as well. Highly recommend it! – Shredded Lamb Rice Plate: The rice was delicious and flavorful, and the lamb was hearty and perfectly seasoned.

The side chickpea stew might’ve been my favorite element… it was bursting with flavor. – Kunafah: This dessert was very rich and decadent; simultaneously sweet and savory, cheesy and gooey. I was a big fan. – Date Roll: The kunafeh was a lot better in my opinion, but this was still pretty good— very dense and sweet, but I probably wouldn’t get it again.

Was very satisfied with my experience at DarSalam. What a gem. From the interior detailed decore to the absolutely amazing food. Was definitely one of my favorite restaurants in all Portland. I will make it a staple to go every time I visit this city. Also the staff is very polite and helpful and friendly.

Five stars. My very good Iraqi friend took me here. He explained the depiction on the walls to me and all the stuff. I wish I had taken a picture of the blue walls depicting the gate. I had the shredded lamb and mint lemonade, and thought it was really good, and liked eating the chickpeas sauce with my rice. The hostess/waitress was very nice, and didn’t mind us taking out time.

Probably the best Middle Eastern / Iraqi restaurant I’ve ever been to. Everything we ordered was delicious— the flavors were bold and rich, the meats were juicy and hearty.

The restaurant itself is also spacious, elegant, and beautifully decorated with intricate wall art and a complementing color scheme. The service was warm and friendly, and I felt the prices were very reasonable for the food quality and portions.

We loved DarSalam. Employees, Owner are very good, She was kind, friendly. Surprise ate lentil soups at the start than We ate Lunch Mixed Grill, Lamb Shank, Baba Ghanoush, House Salad. These were very good. Our orders were fast and delicious. I liked the interior design and concept of Babylon.

Great Iraqi Restaurant. Food was authentic and delicious. Service was first class, friendly, and quick. I’d definitely recommend this restaurant to friends who like something special, and a little bit different. My favourites were the Beef Sheen Kabobs and the Tabouleh Salad. I will definitely return.

The best Arabic restaurant I’ve ever tried in the northwest of the USA.

We came from Arizona to visit Portland and we find the DARSLALM IN DOWNTOWN PORTLAND the food was delicious and the staff was good We loved this place.


Experience authentic Mediterranean flavors enhanced by an Iraqi flair at DarSalam (the House of Peace). The decor transports you straight to the ancient city of Babylon, while the soothing melodies create a serene ambiance.

Delight in expertly cooked dishes like the succulent lamb shanks, flavorful Khema, and perfectly spiced mixed grills. And to complete your culinary journey, indulge in their renowned Iraqi tea infused with cardamom.

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