DCG – District Chicken and Gyro Restaurant Washington DC

DCG – District Chicken and Gyro is an amazing hole in the wall spot in Georgetown. They have a simple menu so it isn’t hard to pick out what you want. The service is unbelievably quick. We got our food in less than a minute. It was delicious with the sauces perfectly balanced. The white creamy sauce complimented and pacified the spicey sauce well which makes for a great combo. Definitely a spot to check out!

DCG – District Chicken and Gyro Address :

3147 Dumbarton St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

DCG – District Chicken and Gyro Phone number :


Best seller :

bowl- hot sauce

The chicken bowl over rice with white sauce was very good.


DCG – District Chicken and Gyro Menu :

DCG - District Chicken and Gyro menu

DCG - District Chicken and Gyro menu

Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Found my go-to halal spot in DC! Great food and quality, I typically order the mixed meats over a bed of rice and salad and there was no exception today. The white sauce with red (spicy) is a fantastic combination that enhances the flavors of the food.

On a side note the double meat for two extra dollars is worth it.

Comment 2 :

small spot with no seating inside. 2 menu options and 4 variations. “keep it simple” is definitely the motto here. open mad late. food is decently flavored. I’ll be back again

Comment 3 :

It’s almost worth the wait. An hour long wait. But the food didn’t disappoint.

It’s one of those places you buy some for now and some for later. Or you’ll regret waiting so long.

Definitely a good spot to go if you like Mediterranean type food.

Comment 4 :

Super tasty and satisfying meal for $10. Menu is very simple. Beware they are very liberal with sauces, if you only like a drizzle. Also the salad and rice option is 3/4 rice and 1/4 salad, but I’m sure they could do whatever ratio you want. Will definitely be going back!

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