Dongpo Impression restaurant (prices + menu + location)

Dongpo Impression restaurant Highly recommend! Authentic Szechuan food. Yummy and services are friendly This restaurant specializes in the cuisine of zigong

Name: Dongpo Impression restaurant

Type: Chinese restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:11:00am-9:30pm

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address Dongpo Impression restaurant

W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60616، United States

Phone number Dongpo Impression restaurant


Dongpo Impression restaurant chicago

Recommended foods

This chicken stew is sooo good! Very authentic Sichuan skewers! CHuan Chuan

Menu Dongpo Impression restaurant

Dongpo Impression restaurant menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

I have been coming here for a long time but just now realized that I have never written a review about this place. I think most of time we just wanted to devour the food as soon as possible and slip into a food coma after

Review to

Kind, attentive service. The food was good and plentiful, even if prices were higher than those in other restaurants on Wentworth St. and in Chinatown Square. However, they offer 2 free little appetizers (peanuts and bamboo salad, I think?) while you look at the menu, plus a free pot of tea. The Kung Pao Chicken was nice, no Panda Express-style dish. It had plenty of celery, chicken, peanuts and hot red peppers nicely prepared and cooked. You could taste the garlic and the ginger in the sauce. I also ordered a cucumber salad, which was delicious and prepared with an entire cucumber. Portions are not skimpy, which is greatly appreciated. The decor and ambiance of the place are a little outdated, definitely not as hip as the rest of the restaurants around in Chinatown, but I believe this place is worth a try

Review three

This is the most amazing Chinese restaurant I have eaten at! The love they put in their food is equal to when a dear friend of mine has cooked for me at her home

Review four

I drove 1.5 hrs to pick up some dinner from here and it was absolutely so worth it. Their dishes tasted SO MUCH like home I almost cried. Awesome authentic food, the nice lady who packed the order for me gave me free desserts and a free veggie dish. Amazing food+Superb service!!! 5 stars for EVERYTHING. Thank you for comforting my homesick stomach. This place will always have a piece of my heart

Dongpo Impression restaurant

Best regards

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