El Cortijo Taqueria Restaurant Vermont 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Authentic Mexican Flavors in the Heart of Vermont"

El Cortijo Taqueria Restaurant Vermont Area-sourced Mexican staples & clever margaritas served in a narrow, 1950s diner with a tequila bar.

El Cortijo Taqueria Restaurant Vermont

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3 
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • El Cortijo Taqueria Restaurant Vermont phone number: +18024971668

El Cortijo Taqueria Restaurant Vermont

The moment I seen the place I knew I had to find a parking spot. As soon as you walk in you get the feeling in your soul that your in the right place! Service was on point and very polite. House margarita was good, staycation rum punch was a nice balance of sweet and easy sipping.

Appetizer nachos with beef didn’t disappoint on any level, huge portion and well put together, the corn chips are amazing!! Beef burrito was next level, no joke. The toppings seem endless and most of all (for me) the beef was absolutely amazing….

The flavor of the beef is beyond a grocery store beef cut. Absolutely worth a stop even if ya just a get a few tacos!! OH! Can’t forget how kid friendly they are, bluey coloring sheets and crayons for the kiddos. Super great place all the way around the table!!

El Cortijo Taqueria Restaurant Vermont Menu

Cortijo’s Taqueria is an attempt to bring Mexican food to Vermont.. is it authentic?? Ofcourse different people have different options IMHO food is a solid but I wouldn’t go far with saying this is authentic.

Let’s start with the cool stuff….
-Mexican diner that is something cool, this place has a cool vibe to it.
-The host and the servers are very friendly warm and welcoming. Even when we were a party of 3 in a jam packed restaurant, instead of making us wait for the next table they gave us a table for 6, very generous.
-Host also attempted to cater to our custom order of Chilaquiles ( not on the menu). So they want to try and please the customer, ofcourse the chef was having a busy kitchen so declined the request.

Food is decent, I won’t rave about it but you will be satisfied, definitely not disappointed. The desserts was the highlight of our meal, something unique, not your average churros.
It’s called Buñuelos it’s a funky mix between churros and a doughnut without a hole. Must try!!!
Give it a try if you are in Burlington, this is in the very cool church street marketplace.

Food: The house margarita was fantastic, made with tequila blanco. The chips were perfect: fresh, crisp, and warm. The salsa was very good and flavorful. The taco plate was also delicious, and you can mix up your taco choices to try a variety of options. I enjoyed un taco de pollo, un taco de carnitas, y un taco de barbacoa. All were tasty! The tacos aren’t huge, so a three taco plate was just perfect.
Atmosphere: A cool vibe, giving 60s diner aesthetic with the window booths and stools lining the long bar.
Service: Super friendly, warm smiles, and speedy!

Was looking for a place to get dinner with the family. First time in the city, and I must say reservations are key here in Burlington. Food here sure hit the spot. Some dishes were sold out sadly, but im my opinion that’s a good thing. Means that they’re that good 

Started out with some guacamole and chips. It was nice not to see them greasy like some spots. Also got the Cheese Quesadilla, man so much dairy goodness in them!

For main had the Pollo Enchiladas. Wish I had a 3rd one on the plate because it was so good. Luckily, that gave me room for dessert.

The dessert was simple and made just right, Bunuelos! Mhmm the best

Good service! Fast and friendly. Effective!
Food is great! They are not the best tacos I’ve eaten but they are very good!
Good ambiance. Small place, so it was full but the service is fast. The wait wasn’t very long.
We got the ceviche that was amazing, pork and beef tacos. Very good and tasty. We totally recommend


Awesome restaurant and impeccable food! The wet burrito with barbacoa was amazing! The server was friendly and the atmosphere was very cool.

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