El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant (prices + menu + location)

El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant This is by far the best Peruvian restaurant in Illinois. Their food is amazing and the presentation too. They also have many Peruvian drinks that other restaurants don’t have. Do yourself a favor and order Queirolo’s plum Brandy. If you go for lunch or dinner lomo saltado. Believe me, you will not regret it

Name: El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant

Type: Peruvian restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:1:00-9:00 pm/Sunday, 12:00-9:00 pm/Monday, closed

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant

W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647، United States

Phone number El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant


El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant

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The food & drinks was amazing!! Great service & great for a romantic night out or first date

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. Because my ex was Peruvian, we tried a lot of Peruvian places a few years back, and both of us agreed that this one was the best, hands down. I’ve been back many times and it still has yet to disappoint. Try the pollo à la brassa, which is to die for, or the ceviche, which is amazing as well. They now support delivery, which I don’t believe they had before the quarantine. Five stars!

Menu El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant

menu El Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurantEl Rinconcito Sudamerica restaurant menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Relaxed setting, food is amazing especially enjoyed the civeche, food was seasoned beautifully, and don’t forget the pisco sour

we were there 10/16. the food took a while but we understand low business less workers. first stop once arrived to chicago, we don’t have Peruvian food in minneapolis. All the food we ordered was F&€%* AMAZING. thanks a lot and try to keep that taste

Review to

Authentic Peruvian food with huge portions. Staff mostly speaks Spanish so hopefully you go with someone that can understand English

Review three

Delicious food and good prices. The service was excellent and the food came out unbelievably quick. Definitely one of my favorites for Peruvian food

It’s nice please,very good food .the prices are nice to it’s going to be one of mi favorites places good time

Review four

Omg! They are open again! Same owner and same chef! Dinner for two was amazing! Lots of food! Best bang for your bucks

The staff and food are always amazing! I have never had a bad meal there. It’s my favorite Peruvian restaurant

Peruvian restaurant

Best regards

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