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El Viva Mexico Restaurant New Mexico 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Discover the Essence of Mexican Cooking"

El Viva Mexico Restaurant New Mexico Casual restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine, plus beer & cocktails, in a simple setting.

El Viva Mexico Restaurant New Mexico

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$
  • El Viva Mexico Restaurant New Mexico phone number: +15052656285

El Viva Mexico Restaurant New Mexico

Potent, tasty margaritas and delicious Fiesta Camarenas (bacon wrapped shrimp)
Taco salad had very good seasoned chicken but the steak fajita meat was tough. Overall very good experience with friendly service.

For those that have not vist or eaten, there yet you need to go. Food is awesome and the service is awesome. I will always give them a five star for Food and Service. Keep up the wonderful service.

menu El Viva Mexico Restaurant New MexicoEl Viva Mexico Restaurant New Mexico menuEl Viva Mexico Restaurant menu

By far one of theeee very best real Mexican restaurants in the city! See Jaselle she’s great! But all the servers are awesome they know what it’s like to run because this place is usually packed even w/ the new table format . Order anything you won’t be disappointed- a true testimony to growing is good unlike their counter part Lindo! Keep up the great work Viva, my fav!

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque. The food is always fresh, plentiful, and tastes good. Service has always been top notch. The atmosphere is that of a cafe, not a dinner house.

The best part is this is a place you can take your out of town family and friends to and they can enjoy what they are eating, without their face melting.

Perfect! I have been New Mexican cuisine elsewhere. NOW, I am going to frequent this place where I can eat authentic Mexican cuisine. The other place I visited for years never claimed to be a Mexican restaurant. It is simply that Mexican is better than New Mexican. The food was delicious.

Lord have mercy the shrimp cocktail and barbocoa is a win for the serviceabd and atmosphere. Close by good prices and even though the hours are short I can understand the owners point of view to get their workers rest to which everyone has a great attitude 

The food was delicious. We had to wait until a table was open, they take your information then call you in when there’s one available. The price was average for a mexican food restaurant (about 13 dollars for a carne asada plate with rice, beans, 2 enchiladas, and tortillas), but the food and service was definitely above average. Servings are large so we all had some leftover food (see pic). We had horchata and it was also pretty amazing, not all watery and bland like some places tend to make it. Overall we loved this place and will definitely be coming back.

The best Mexican food!! The beans and rice were cooked perfectly, not dry at all and seasoned well. Great margaritas. And the service was 10/10. Our waitress was so sweet but we didn’t catch her name (has blonde highlights in her hair), but all of the waitresses and I assume the manager were on top of everything! Truly can’t recommend this place enough. Based off how busy it was I can tell people love the place and for good reason.


Good Mexican food! Not too pricey and didn’t take long to get sat. Portions were a good size for what you pay for and service was really attentive. My recommendation is the Mexicano Platillo

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