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EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant New York 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"A Modern Take on Traditional Japanese Flavors"

EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant New York Sleek spot for modern, seasonal Japanese cuisine, including house made tofu, plus a long sake list.

EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant New York

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant New York phone number:+12126479196

EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant

Very stylish restaurant with amazing, beautiful dishes. We had the vegetarian and the classic menu for four, which was very delicious. Rice tea and lemonades were tasty.

The service was a bit unsure about the details of the ingredients, but they asked the chefs. Only the vegan offer could be more. All in all very nice and beautiful tableware.

EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant New York menuMenu EN Japanese Brasserie RestaurantMenu EN Japanese Brasserie Restaurant New York

I really enjoyed my time at this restaurant. The food was fantastic, and they offer a lot of variety on their menu. The ambiance was amazing, and the service was incredibly attentive, which made the experience even better.

Some of my favorite dishes were the japanese sweet potatoes croquettes, the bowl of rice with Uni, and the pot of rice with mushrooms and truffle. Everything was so flavorful and well-prepared. I’ll definitely be coming back. It’s a very cool place that I highly recommend!

One of my favorite cuisines and this restaurant delivered! The rice bowl with sashimi were a divine combination. My friends also enjoyed the udon and karaage. Atmosphere is cozy and would love to come back for dinner next time as the place turns into a vinyl listening room. The owner’s personal collection are right by the sound station. Glad this option exists in the neighborhood.

On a busy weekend in The Village, we were hard pressed to find a spot to eat. Most of the places we went to had a minimum 30 minute wait and we did not want to wait that long. Eventually, we came across EN Japanese Brasserie, a pretty upscale izakaya. They have some fancy takes on traditional Japanese dishes which we ordered, such as a spicy chutoro roll and sea bass kara-age. They also had a delicious mochi croquette, which had duck and a mochi rice cake served in a dashi broth. Never thought I’d have mochi as a main dish.

The best dish, however, was perhaps the most simple—the garlic shiso rice. It doesn’t look like much, but the rice was packed with so much flavour.

For dessert, we got a matcha panna cotta and a soba tea pudding. The soba tea pudding, with a bit of a nutty flavour from the soba, was spectacular.

Despite how fancy En Japanese Brasserie was, it somehow did not break the bank. It came out to under $100 for each person.

This place is amazing! I had the Omakase with a sake pairing, and although it was a really expensive meal, it was really, really good. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the restaurant design is pretty cool. The service was top-notch and the waitstaff was super attentive without being intrusive. If you are looking for a non-typical Japanese restaurant that makes their own tofu and has some really good sake, this is definitely it.


Amazing dining experience. Traditional Japanese food with a hint of a modern twist.
Their stone grilled chicken/ beef is impressive. Comes out sizzling. The sashimi is one of the freshest. Makes you question why you go to an all-you-can-eat sushi place.
The alcohol selection is extensive, especially their whiskey collection. Price point, the quality, and portion is on point and satisfying.
Attentive and caring service.

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