Farmer & The Cow Restaurant Delaware 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Savor Farm-Fresh Flavors at Farmer & The Cow"

Farmer & The Cow Restaurant Delaware The place was cute with a downtown window front appeal. We made reservations since it is a small place with limited seating.

Farmer & The Cow Restaurant Delaware

  • Rating of 5 stars: 45
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu Farmer & The Cow Restaurant Delaware : click Here

Farmer & The Cow Restaurant

I take recommendations given to me seriously, as should you when I say this location is highly recommended. The food was absolutely delicious and the staff is so friendly.

Although we did not have some of the classic menu options, the recommended food we did have was heavily. Be prepared for meter parking or find a parking garage. I will be visiting again to try something else off the menu.

Farmer & The Cow Restaurant Delaware Menu

Finally got to try this restaurant out. While it wasn’t the “silver bullet for burgers” I hoped it would be,it wasn’t bad. My son felt it was a little overpriced the caliber of the food, and I guess I’d have to agree , but I didn’t feel quite as strongly about it as he did.

We got the Macaroni and Cheese appetizers and a couple of bacon burgers. The only reason I probably won’t go back anytime soon is because of the distance and parking vs. everything else. The staff was great. The atmosphere of the restaurant was equally great, and as I said, the food was good, but was probably priced a bit higher.

For two burgers and the macaroni and cheese appetizer, it was $46. Now if I lived down the street, I’d no doubt give them another visit.

Saw this place on the food network channel, and it looked interesting enough to take the ride from south jersey to wilmington. Was not disappointed at all. The burgers were top-notch, including the chicken skins (pretty spicy if you like that).

The shakes were awesome as well. The atmosphere was very comfortable and quaint. Service was very good. The woman who serviced us was very nice and took care of us. The prices were slightly high, but it was definitely worth it and will go back again and hope you give it a try. Parking is a little tough, but just be patient, and you will find one.

Tried to get reservations. There were none available for 5pm. We went anyway and it was pretty much empty and were seated right away. We weren’t that hungry so we ordered an appetizer and burger to share. We had the Street Corn Nachos and THEY. WERE. AMAZING. I don’t know what ingredient it was but something on them was so good. I would go back just for the nachos.

My husband picked the Farmer and the Bao burger and I have a little bite but that was definitely not for me. But he loved it. Our waitress was very good she sent out an extra plate so we could share but I only took one bite because I was full from the nachos.

If we ever find ourselves in Wilmington again we will definitely be back. Might be sooner than later if I keep thinking about the nachos. By the time we left around 615 it was getting busy so I would plan to go earlier.

Down here in Wilmington working for the first time and it’s been terrible for food, but then I went to this fantastic location. The food was really fresh and flavorful. The bar was full stocked with all kinds of fancy bourbon and whiskey. The staff was friendly and professional.

The place was really nicely decorated and comfortable as well. I would classify the food as uppity bar food, but tastefully done. I most certainly will be back


Great vibe and best burger I’ve had. Fries and nachos were very good too. Service is very nice as well.

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