FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant Colorado 2024 Delicious food

"Savoring Mediterranean Flavors:FelFel Mediterranean in Colorado"

FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant Colorado The taste of eating is Arabic and delicious, medium prices mean not cheap and not expensive. The place is very clean, has a modern design

FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant Colorado

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant Colorado phone number: +13035865540

FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant

Great place to get a quick bite. I ordered the grilled lamb. Flavor very much on point but a bit tough as well. The location was completely empty when I got there, there was no one else. I’m all for technological automation and innovation but it felt like I was ordering from a McDonalds.

The latté was delicious. All of the cutlery and plates (even if you eat indoors) is all thrown out. Not sure how I feel about everything being thrown out after every guess but to each their own. This restaurant seems highly geared towards the Uber eats style, not really made for an in person visit. A few more people came in when I was leaving.

FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant Colorado MenuMenu FelFel Mediterranean RestaurantFelFel Mediterranean Restaurant MenuMenu FelFel Mediterranean Restaurant Colorado

What can I say, the high reviews speak for themselves. This tasted just like the shawarma I had in Jerusalem! I had the spicy chicken shawarma and that spiciness is only found out there! It’s delicious! My husband had the beef shawarma and it was phenomenal.

My dad got the falafel and it was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside which is uncommon out here. To top it all off we tried the baklava and I’ve never had a fresher desert. The prices are fair and portions are generous, truly the best Mediterranean food in the Midwest.

Fantastic food, really juicy chicken shawarma and a lovely whole wheat wrap. The garlic sauce is amazing. Food was really fresh and we loved it – can’t wait to come back and try other stuff on the menu Once you walk in, there’s an automatic ordering kiosk where you can see the menu and choose what you want.

Also someone around in case you have any questions but the menu is very self-explanatory with photos and all the ingredients. We got our food very quickly and the owner is very hospitable and came around to check on us and our food. All in all, would 100% recommend!

I stopped here for lunch today after driving by for the past few years and I can’t believe I haven’t stopped sooner. The place is clean with a very user friendly self-service ordering kiosk.

The whole experience was a delight thanks to the owner who was incredibly personable and even offered me a free coffee and dessert after I said it was my first time in. I ordered the Greek salad with spicy chicken and it was awesome. I can’t wait to return soon to try other things on the menu!

This place is beyond incredible! Everything you ever want from a Mediterranean eatery. Very very clean, the customer service is fantastic. The owner is very pleasant and even gifted me with fresh hot coffee. This is our new favorite place to come to for chicken shawarma and perfectly grilled chicken kabobs. The baklava was so delicious and easy to eat.

Very unique. I can’t say enough about it, give it a try for yourself you will be glad you did-and you too, will be a customer for life! The part about the washing hands twice sign! First sign in my life like this posted at a facility but very much needed and important! Kuddos to the owner the experience speaks volumes!!


Amazing food. Real authentic. Crowd pleasing. Stomach satisfying. Was easy to feed a huge gathering. The owner was amazing from start to end of experience. Will definitely recommend others to try this establishment out and I will return here many many more times. Highly recommend. I have never said this cliche but if I could give more than 5 stars I most certainly would.

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