Franks Diner Restaurant Wisconsin 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"A Culinary Journey Through Time at Frank's Diner"

Franks Diner Restaurant Wisconsin Great railcar diner that’s been open since 1926… make sure to get the homemade bread for your toast.

Franks Diner Restaurant Wisconsin

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.7
  • pricing: $
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  • Franks Diner Restaurant Wisconsin phone number: +12626571017

Franks Diner Restaurant Wisconsin

The Garbage Plate is essentially a scrambled omelet with hash browns mixed in and it’s amazing. The French toast slices are large as well as delicious. I will definitely go back to try some other items on their menu. Very unique dining experience, worth a stop!

The food was dow home cooked taste. You can see the kitchen staff working hard. The wait staff was fun and attentive. The food was well portioned, and the price was good. They crew worked together to make sure we all had what we needed. The pic is 1/2 order of the garbage plate! We also had a homemade cinnamon roll…YUM! The bread pictured is also homemade. This is a must!

Franks Diner Restaurant Wisconsin MenuFranks Diner Restaurant MenuMenu Franks Diner Restaurant WisconsinMenu Franks Diner Restaurant

Came from Arizona, and I heard this place was on Diners Drives and Dine!! OmG I must say I was definitely impressed!!! There were so many items on the menu to choose from!! The portion size was EVERYTHING! They definitely give you enough to have some for now and some for later!! This place is a must try.. very small place, but there was no wait when we went, and food came out fast!!!

Frank’s Diner is legendary for good reason. The food is legit! We enjoyed the 2 Meat Half Garbage Plate breakfast with corned beef and bacon served skillet style. When you specify skillet style, the eggs prepared your way are nestled on top. The runny yolks from our over easy eggs made the bed of hashbrowns even more delectable. Unless you have a monster appetite, the half plate is definitely enough.

It is served with three eggs while the full plate includes five. The homemade toast is killer as well. The bread is freshly baked and heavy but somehow avoids being dense. In true Wisconsin fashion, they load on the butter, too.

The staff is super freindly and helpful. Luckily, if you need to walk it off, the place is only a few blocks from the lovely Lake Michigan shoreline. It’s understandable that Guy Fieri recorded his show there because when it comes to this diner, “Frankly, I DO give a damn.”

This place is straight out of the 20s/30s. The food is absolutely fantastic along with the service. Come early, come hungry, and be ready for one of the best breakfast plates of your life with their “Garbage plate”. Absolutely phenomenal and will make this place a regular stop for breakfast. Be prepared to wait tho, very small amount of seating compared to the demand.

This is the most down to earth place I have been to in years, locals come here to eat and talk about life, politics or anything in life. Great food, great experience. It is not the fancy stuff that we have grown to be nowadays but the old way of having breakfast and be community. You will love this place.


This is a fantastic diner with a lot of history to come grab some breakfast. Sure there may be wait times, but that’s because it is so good. The service and food are phenomenal! You get plenty for what you pay. The atmosphere is very nostalgic and one of a kind. This is definitely worth the experience.

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