Ginevra Cafe Restaurant 2024 Delicious food

"Discover the Delights of Ginevra Cafe Restaurant"

Ginevra Cafe Restaurant Nice place. Lots of choices. Friendly staff…Enjoy the authentic Somali flavors this little locations offers! The foods taste and smell great, and service was very fast and pleasant.

Ginevra Cafe Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5 
  • pricing:  $$
  • Ginevra Cafe Restaurant phone number: +16144754880

Ginevra Cafe Restaurant

So far everything I’ve tried is good. You must try the Liver, Sambusa & tea. But tbh tried the chicken, lamb, goat, chicken steak and all are very good and seasoned well. The spaguetti is good also and they give you A LOT. Comes with water & banana. Highly recommend!!!

menu Ginevra Cafe Restaurant

It was our first time having Somali/Mediterranean food, and overall we were pleasantly surprised. Every meal is served with what we believe was Chickpea Zucchini Soup before the meal and a banana after the meal. For our main course, we had a variety of chicken, lamb, and steak and either basmati rice or spaghetti, all of which were seasoned and cooked nicely. This was definitely a unique experience, and we are glad to have been able to try it.

I ordered rice chicken and lamp.The rice was dry with no sauce. The lamp was not seasoned with little salt. Chicken felt was dry. Customer service is excellent. The rice tasted good with medium salt and seasoned well.

I was recommended to this place by a friend. You might feel sceptical about the place but the food tastes surprisingly good and the staff are really nice and flexible. We ordered goat and lamb with rice and spaghetti. They served us both the orders in one big tray. I loved the goat bone in pieces and rice. Lamb shank was good too but didn’t like the spaghetti much. Their flavors are different than Indian or American steak. They serve their food with complimentary soup, banana and juice/water. Will come back to try their beef and goat again!

I stopped in on my way back to toledo and ordered a dinner. It was very good and I might come back to Columbus just to eat here again! It’s very nice and homey inside the restaurant.

Had the goat. if you’re going to dine African you might as well get an item Appleby’s will never serve! It was great. The portions huge. The price was reasonable. I would give 5 stars but the restaurant while maybe nice by African standards would make Carman Mitchell faint.

I went here and ordered their lamb shank
It was the most delicious combination of rice, lamb amd salad
If you eat gluten-free then i recommend this place to you
They also serve with water and a banana
Totally superb my friend

I had the osso buco and it was fantastic! You get so much food it is unbelievable and it comes with soup and a banana. The Geneva tea is amazing! I like the spice. …

The best restaurant I ever been, the customer was friendly and great service, the food was delicious and tested great, thank you sister for making me special


This is my favorite Somalian restaurant. The owner is very friendly and they have excellent service. The food is always excellent. This is one of the best African restaurants in Columbus.

Great overall, friendly staff, delicious food and used to be very affordable but prices shot up a little too fast! Still a great restaurant to eat from once in a blue moon

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