Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"A Flavorful Adventure Awaits at Great Wall Buffet"

Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine Unassuming yet sizable buffet featuring mostly Chinese comfort classics, plus teriyaki & sushi.

Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine

  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.9
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine phone number: +12076219888

Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine

Great place, plenty of room, variety, and well staffed with very friendly people. There was a large and varied selection of items to choose from. All were hot and at least decent in taste. The peanut butter chicken was among the best I’ve ever had. The chow fun and both varieties of chicken wings were excellent as well.

Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine menumenu Great Wall Buffet Restaurant Maine

My favorite is the coconut shrimp. The only problem is they don;t have that in the buffet for lunch, you need to wait later and go for the dinner menu to get it. They close at 8 so you wanna get there early enough to enjoy your meal and not feel rushed. We were the last customers out while they are standing at the cash register waiting for us. I think this rates a 8 from a 1-10 chart. Excellent buffet for the evening meal.

I remember coming here thirty years ago when this building was a roller rink. The owners of this restaurant are very nice people. The service they provide is excellent. We were seated immediately upon arrival. Tons of seating available. Parking lot is very spacious. There are about six or seven buffet counters offering a wide variety of options. The food is delicious. Nice atmosphere. Good time here spent with family.

Why does this have such a low rating? I’ve been sick of Bangor Chinese food because it’s so Americanized . This is so much better. It’s the best place I’ve been to and I plan to be going here again and again. The service is a little awkward due to a language barrier, but can you blame them? They do the necessity and that’s what matters. They aren’t rude, they are very kind. They are just trying to do their job. Also if you get sick from here, that’s just your own problems and your own taste. 10/10, if you don’t go here you will be missing out.

I love this place and I’m super happy it’s back. I would’ve been really sad if it had shut down for good during covid. Buffets make me very happy and this place is one of my favorites around here. There’s always a good variety and I’ve never encountered dry food at Great Wall. Thanks.

They have an amazing selection of food. There were a total of 7 buffet tables with food on both sides of each table. I talked to the manager when we left. He said they have been in business for 17 years. We returned for a second visit.

Food was great! I was a little Nervous coming in so late but there was plenty to be had it was hot and delicious,we had the best waitress ever she filled all of our drinks incredibly quickly and kept checking to make sure what we wanted was available on the buffet, she also made my almost 2 year old feel so special (even though she made a big mess) we will be back again soon!  thank you for treating us so good!

The service was great it was pretty busy but the food trays were full and clean. The food was fresh and the variety is vast . Quick service on Plate Removal and drink refill. We will be back for sure.


Wow. My experiences, as a tourist, with Chinese buffet restaurants were not very positive, but this one is great. Vegetables were awesome. Chickens were delicious. Large shrimps were the best. I wish we had a buffet like this one in Virginia.

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