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Halal Central Diner Restaurant New Jersey 2024 Delicious food

"Halal Central Diner Restaurant: Your Go-To for Halal Eats in New Jersey"

Halal Central Diner Restaurant New Jersey Great Place for breakfast or lunch with very reasonable prices..Friendly owner and staff! Delicious food. 

Halal Central Diner Restaurant New Jersey

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6 
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Halal Central Diner Restaurant New Jersey phone number: +19083510999

Halal Central Diner Restaurant New Jersey

This diner is smaller than indicated in photos, but I must say I loved the old time diner feel with real food. We order a pancake platter with eggs and turkey bacon, grits on the side, salmon cake with grits, a Belgian waffle and chicken soup. All were delicious. I would definitely go back when I’m in Elizabeth again.

Halal Central Diner Restaurant menuHalal Central Diner Restaurant New Jersey menu

Cozy little place. They have decorated it nicely and everything is halal! The owner and sister behind the counter are so nice and helpful! Get my coffee here and they have a terrific tea selection! I’ve tried many things off their menu, and I still can’t decide which one was best! They close early which is the only downside. They are surrounded by many other shops, so I like to shop and stop by for a quick bite. Would deffinetly reccomend!

First time going here the food was good, staff was very nice and respectful, the prices are also good as well. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars is because it was kinda of dirty in their.

The tables weren’t clean, when I went to sit down to eat I had to remove the trash and put it in another table and after I received my meal and also after I was done eating it no one had picked up the trash that was on the table their was about 2 or 3 tables like that, that was the main factor and it kind of made me feel uncomfortable because of that.

So keep that in mind when you go there. There were other staff member their that could have cleared the table but they didn’t, they need to be more on top of that because it kinda of grossed me out. Other then that food is good

This place has the best gyro sandwich I had in my life. No joke, the food was delicious and clean. The service was over excellent. The prices is right. I will have to go again and try their home made dishes. Food was delicious and tasty. I enjoyed my meal in here. Highly recommend.

I had the buffalo wings and my husband had gyro. Both tasted good and prices were reasonable. The people here were very nice to the customers. The place is a bit small for a large group. We saw everyone getting takeouts.

Ordered fish and grits a while ago and it was good. Ordered delivery twice this week and omggggg!!! Packaged nicely and the beef bacon was cooked nice enough for me to put in my convention oven to rewarm the next day without getting hard.

(I am a small eater so I split my order in half) The eggs and waffles were great too. The waffles were frozen but I like frozen waffles so didn’t care. Then ordered the Belgian waffle, beef bacon, salmon cakes and grits and it was all great! I love breakfast and to order from somewhere that doesn’t serve pork is a plus plus plus for me!!!! Halal means the animals are not tortured so while we eat meat, this is the way to go!


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