Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn

Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn Great tasting food, seating is available for a party of two or more. I will definitely come back in the near future.

  • Name :  Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn
  • Worktime : 11AM–10PM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn Address :

Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn number :


Best seller :

Middle Eastern food and taste in- shopping and dining Best in middle Eastern food delivery by seamless enjoy a day of eating

Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn Menu :

 Halal International Restaurant menu

Halal International Restaurant menu

Halal International Restaurant Brooklyn menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Food is good as always, knowing them for years.. but prices are way different now.. What I used to get for $11 back in the days is now $20+! Wish if the place just cleaned up a bit more from inside and updated there restroom, seating area and the service in general as they updated their prices.. it would make a ton of difference in experience and star rating.

comment 2 :

Ok let me be quite honest here.I have known this restaurant for many years.Even in 2021 their food is still high in quality..these Arabs are serious when it comes to food quality.when they say Halal it doesn’t only mean no pork it means the freshest and high in quality of food consumption.Like most reviews,the restaurant’s only downfall is sadly their rest room.it’s dilapidated and it needs a serious renovation.it’s been this way for years.however the staff is very friendly and yes the cost of food went up only because it got very expensive in the surrounding area but that’s always the case.is it a place to bring your family or spouse yes but seats are limited.and they don’t deliver.is it worth the trip if your coming from afar ? Absolutely kindly bring an empty stomach if you will.just looking at the many choices of food makes u even more hungrier….enjoy

comment 3 :

A convenient place to get to using the subway, get off at Atlantic Terminal station. The food is amazing and the service is very friendly and fast. The food service area is kept very clean and there is always someone to help you. This is more like a wysiwyg kinda place , haven’t ever seen a menu here. They place has enough seating for about 25 people and there is a restroom.

Comment 4 :

Wow that got amazing food big steam table whatever you like it’s in it.

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