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Halal Restaurants in Arizona – Top 9 Amazing restaurants

Halal Restaurants in Arizona

If you are looking for Halal Restaurants in Arizona, let us show you our list that we trust.

In the heart of the ‘Valley of the Sun’, the city of Arizona is a charming desert metropolis. The city receives over 300 days of sunshine in a year, with warm months from June to August. Like its exotic weather, the city is passionate about many things – art, culture, and food.
This city is the melting pot of all sort of cuisines from around the world. From the native American to Asian and European – all sorts of dishes are available here.

The citizens also have a special liking for exotic Asian cuisine, which probably meets the sunny theme of the country. Along with the projected Asian cuisine comes the trend of halal meats. The word ‘halal’ has a special significance according to Islamic law. The world loosely translated means ‘lawful’ i.e.
the slaughtering of the animals and poultry have to be done in a specific manner as prescribed by the laws of Islam. The trend of eating halal food is growing day by day in Arizona . Scroll down to find the list of best halal restaurants in Arizona.

Halal Restaurants in Arizona

Khyber Halal Restaurant & Catering

khyber halal restaurant catering

The Khyber Halal Restaurant & Catering is renowned for its delectable Indian, Pakistani, and Afghan cuisine. Established in 2012, it quickly gained popularity and received recognition as one of the best restaurants in the city, as awarded by Howard Seftel, a critic at Arizona Republic.

The restaurant’s simple yet chic interior complements its mouthwatering dishes. In addition to its dining services, The Khyber is also celebrated for its catering service, providing a culinary experience that extends beyond the restaurant itself.

The best halal restaurant in Arizona

Moonlight Restaurant

moonlight restaurant Halal Restaurants in Arizona

Situated on W Northern Ave in Phoenix, this halal restaurant has been a local establishment since its establishment in 2014. Operating seven days a week, it has become a go-to spot for many. The menu’s star attractions are the various combo meals, featuring delectable kabobs, tikkas, and shawarma. These combos come in different portions, catering to groups of two to four individuals. As a bonus, the restaurant occasionally offers complimentary tea or appetizers before the main course, enhancing the overall dining experience.

One of the 9 best halal restaurants in Arizona

ZK Grill

zk grill Halal Restaurants in Arizona

ZK Grill is another top-notch destination to savor mouthwatering biriyani. The primary focus of this restaurant is to offer Indian cuisine, with a commitment to providing healthy dishes without compromising on taste. The culinary creations at ZK Grill are cooked on an open flame and in a traditional clay oven, ensuring perfection without sacrificing flavor. The use of this traditional method is aimed at bringing out the authentic and true flavors of the dishes served at the restaurant.

This restaurant is truly one of the best halal restaurants in Arizona

Sinbad’s Restaurant

sinbads restaurant Halal Restaurants in Arizona

Sinbad’s Restaurant is another must-try destination for mouthwatering halal meat. Offering both dining-in and takeout services, the restaurant boasts an outstanding collection of Middle Eastern cuisine, featuring an excellent assortment of all-halal dishes. Sinbad’s Restaurant adds a special twist to classic and traditional dishes through a modern interpretation.

The use of locally sourced, high-quality fresh ingredients ensures a delightful culinary experience. The menu includes special breakfast dishes, delicious appetizers, and a variety of combo meals. With friendly staff and a homely, inviting atmosphere, Sinbad’s Restaurant promises a satisfying and welcoming dining experience.

Hilal Grill

Hilal Grill Halal Restaurants in Arizona

This restaurant is truly one of the best halal restaurants in Arizona….Chef Mamoona Hilal’s primary goal was to establish a restaurant that offered delicious halal cuisine at an affordable price. As a result, the menu at this establishment showcases traditional dishes from Indian, Pakistani, and Afghan cuisines.

The offerings are primarily exotic, featuring a rich blend of spices native to these regions. The use of authentic ingredients contributes to the genuine taste of the dishes. Formerly known as Tahoora Grill, the restaurant has become renowned for its brilliant biryanis and flavorful curries, highlighting various meats as the main attractions.

Bawarchi Indian Cuisine

Bawarchi Indian Cuisine

Bawarchi Indian best halal restaurant in Arizona ,,, Indian Cuisine, situated on East Bell Road within a quaint shopping area, is a cozy restaurant known for offering typical Indian dishes such as biriyani and curry. The restaurant’s atmosphere is designed to evoke a typical Indian feel, with large posters featuring peacocks, deities, and Bollywood actors adorning the walls, creating a complete Indian ambiance. The specialty of this restaurant lies in delivering a rich and authentic Indian taste to its patrons.

Alzohour Market

Alzohour Market

Alzohour Market is truly one of the best halal restaurants in Arizona ,,,Alzohour Market, located in Arizona , infuses the town with a distinctive Moroccan flavor. Operating as a typical grocery and clothing store, it offers a diverse range of products, including chocolates, spices, and canned goods. Within the store, a charming restaurant serves excellent made-to-order Moroccan dishes. Iconic offerings include lamb and chicken tanjine, couscous, bastille, and the delightful dessert baklava. Alzohour Market provides a unique blend of a market and a restaurant, allowing patrons to experience the richness of Moroccan cuisine while shopping for a variety of goods.

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden

Inchin's Bamboo Garden

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden is a local Chinese restaurant that is also committed to serving halal foods. Their menu draws inspiration from street food, offering a healthier take on these flavorful dishes. Primarily featuring Chinese cuisine, the Pan Asian menu also includes a selection of dishes from India and other parts of Asia. Additionally, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden caters to diverse dietary preferences by offering gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring a broad range of choices for customers with various culinary preferences.

Daawat Indian Cuisine

Daawat Indian Cuisine

This restaurant specializes in Indian fusion cuisine that authentically captures the rich flavors of the region. The contemporary establishment focuses on Mughal and Hyderabadi cuisine, offering a diverse menu that includes South Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes. The food boasts an exotic taste, characterized by the frequent use of chili to enhance the overall flavor profile. The menu features a variety of biryanis and halal meats, each contributing its own distinct essence to the culinary experience.

One of the 9 best halal restaurants in Arizona

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