Halwani’s Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant 2024 Delicious food

Experience Italy's Finest: Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant

Halwani’s Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant This place is great & they’re open till 5 am. They have a wide variety of foods & sweets. I wasn’t a fan of the boneless wings, however, the pizzas are amazing. I haven’t had a bad pizza there.

Halwani’s Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.0
  • pricing:  $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Halwani’s Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant phone number: +16144866666

Halwani's Pizza & Stromboli

This is a Nice pizza place nestled in the great community of Grandview. I work for a food delivery service so I get to try lots of different types of food. His pizzas and gyros are the best I have ever tried and let me tell you I’ve “TRIED LOTS OF PIZZA &GYROS”so if you’re ever in Grandview in a mood for a pizza my suggestion is give Hawani cuisine pizza and stromboli a try you will not be disappointed I promise and they also have doordash and grubhub services if you feel like eating in

Halwani's Pizza & Stromboli menuHalwani's Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant menumenu Halwani's Pizza & Strombolimenu Halwani's Pizza & Stromboli Restaurant

The people were as nice as they could possibly be! Does not offer much of a dine-in experience. It was really cold in restaurant and no restrooms. You order at the counter and it’s brought over to your table. Salad was delicious, pizza was good.

Ordered 5 or 6 times & Everything is Always Beyond Fantastic!-Huge stromboli they have REAL DOUGH-omg!-baked pasta-Unreal its so good! Its REAL pasta -light and melts in your mouth -ive been to 5Star restaurants that cant get it right like this!! Their wings-To Die For !!delicious and complex flavor.

Even their simplest small salad was magical-So fresh So good-owner and everyone is great if ur picking up-hours are best anywhere in around cbus -& quality of food is UNBELIEVABLE!-& as far as pricing-they are not mcdonalds and Show me One place thats on this level Let alone open but is cheaper-No way!!-usually order for 2-3 adults and get a variety of things and more than enough food between 25&45$-thats Great! Thank you Halwanis i dont know how u do it but Lots of fans lots of appreciation& food love out here for You-Please keep doing what youre doing!!

A little expensive, but where else are you gonna get a pizza made fresh at 4am? That convenience comes at a cost, but the pizza is absolutely phenomenal, so if you’re hungry and everything else is closed you can’t go wrong here

Real nice pizza spot with kosher meats. All the meats such as ham, pepperoni, bacon are usually pork based in other pizza places, but these are beef and turkey based meats for non pork eaters. The crust was a bit dense for my liking but still very flavorful. Heavy pizza. The staff were extremely likable, welcoming and friendly. I asked about the source of kosher meats for personal cooking and the server gladly explained to me which market they source from. Prices are little more expensive than other pizza places but the premium meats is why I think that is. Place stays open very late for people out and about after business hours. Will return!

The Pizza was delicious I got the Greek Pizza with chicken! The veggie and cheese tastes really fresh. This is my fav pizza now in Columbus


Sabrina is one of the friendliest employees at any restaurant I’ve ever been to! Her car broke down before work tonight and she was still smiling and chatting away, she didn’t let it bring her spirits down at all! My doordash orders are always on time for me as well, never an unpleasant experience here!

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