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Husk Restaurant South Carolina 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Savor the South: Husk Restaurant's Southern Delights in South Carolina"

Husk Restaurant South Carolina An ever-changing menu of locally sourced Southern dishes served in a restored Victorian-era home.

Husk Restaurant South Carolina

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5 
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Husk Restaurant South Carolina phone number: +18435772500

Husk Restaurant

One of our goals for this visit to Charleston was to experience a high end take on low country cuisine. We became familiar with Husk back when Sean Brock was involved in the menu. He’s no longer there, but the menu is fantastic. The service was well informed and very nice. The food was as good as we could have hoped. The hot shrimp appetizer was as delicious as it was spicy. (Not for the faint of heart) The mains were full of flavor and the presentation was immaculate.

menu Husk Restaurant South Carolina 

Impeccable vibes. Food has got to be the most amazing meal I have ever had. For first course we ordered the lamb dumplings, Ceasar salad with shredded beef, and wood fired oysters. For entrée, we spilt the rabbit roulade, almaco jack, and pork chop. This meal was so good that I remember saying if we don’t have dessert here there’s no way I would get dessert somewhere else and sully this absolute feeling of enjoyment of such good food. Luckily they do have an excellent dessert menu. Dessert, we had the sweet potato bread pudding (my absolute favorite and 10000% recommend), the chocolate cake, the tart, and all of their seasonal scoops of ice cream.

My goodness….I cannot stress enough how amazing this meal was. The ingredients are fresh and are used to make unique and flavorful combinations. The chefs did an exquisite job Even though I ate so much…idk how to explain it correctly but I felt *nourished* …not that typical feeling of gross gluttony if you know what I mean.

Every now and then, you go to a restaurant that completely changes your perspective on food – Husk did this for me. I have eaten all over the World and never expected to encounter an American restaurant with such a profound sense of self.

I could feel the centuries of foodways and traditions of the American South combining to what I can only describe as the single best Southern meal of my life. Everything was delicious and some items – like the ham biscuits – transformed my idea of what Southern American food can be. In a city of exceptional restaurants, Husk still stands out – a peg above the rest. Worth every penny!

This place is still the best in Charleston. It’s better than the Nashville and Savannah locations- not that they’re bad.
The food never disappoints, though they should remove some of the vodkas and get the American Tito’s. I cannot complain though.
I had some Carolina gold rice fried rice side today that was outrageous.

Wow, what an incredible dining experience at Husk Restaurant! The wood-fired oysters were truly divine, with a perfect char and bursting with flavor. And the Joyce Farms chicken was cooked to perfection, so tender and juicy. 5 stars without a doubt. 

The service was exceptional. The food was very good. We had the delicious lamb dumplings first, followed by the Storey Farms Duck with dirty rice and Smoked Rigatoni, which my husband felt was a bit dry. This dish has no sauce, but it did have a good flavor. The duck breast was not my favorite. It didn’t have a lot of flavor, but that dirty rice was amazing!
We finished our meal off with cheesecake and bread pudding. Both are delicious.


The food was impeccable as was the service. The corn bread was supposed to have bacon bits in it but we told our server we did not see or taste any. She took it off our bill. The other entrees had great combinations of flavor and texture.


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