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Jeju Noodle Bar Restaurant New York 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Savor the Unique Flavors of Korea in New York"

Jeju Noodle Bar Restaurant New York Korean restaurant focused on ramyun and starters in a warmly lit, contemporary space.

Jeju Noodle Bar Restaurant New York

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Jeju Noodle Bar Restaurant New York phone number: +16466660947

Jeju Noodle Bar Restaurant

An outstanding culinary adventure and warm hospitality. Every dish is curated and tickles the palate. The quality of the produce and proteins are exceptional. Beverage list is thoughtful of the cuisine and well priced. It’s hard not to order the entirety of the menu. Portions are generous and best enjoyed family style. A must visit in NYC.

Jeju Noodle Bar Restaurant New York menu

I rarely post reviews, but I also rarely have such fantastic meals. This was my second time dining at Jeju and it was to celebrate my birthday. Not only was the food even better than the amazing meal I had here the first time I visited, but the staff went out of their way to ensure that my birthday celebration was as special as possible. My second experience here has cemented this restaurant as one of my all time favorites in the city, and as someone who has lived here my whole life, I do not say that lightly.

I see a couple of reviews with complaints that do not hold true to my experiences dining here, and while I always wish reserving a table was easier at the more popular restaurants in NYC, it makes total sense to me why it can take longer than one might wish to secure a table here. But trust this New Yorker – it is well worth the wait!

Went for an unexpected early, early dinner as my friend finally got a slot after being on the waitlist for a reservation for a few weeks. We got the toro ssam bap & the wagyu ramyum as those were the most popular dishes & seemed to be a top choice. It was kind of underwhelming at first as I thought the portion of the ssam bap would be bigger, but I will say it was pretty flavorful, refreshing & not too heavy.

The wagyu ramyum was not as great as I thought it would be & was surprised to read after that the restaurant received a Michelin star for it. I think that most people might enjoy it because it is a nice fusion-like twist on the traditional ramyum or traditional Korean gomtang/beef bone soup. The broth was rich, but the same as any other Korean restaurant, so it wasn’t particularly spectacular.

Other than the food, most noticeable was the music was slightly too loud & difficult to hear the other person across the table. The intimate atmosphere was overall nice.

Overall, it’s a nice place to try at least once or twice but not with the amount of effort to get a reservation, especially considering there were some empty tables that were not being filled. I would say it is slightly overhyped but worth a visit if you can get a table.

Absolutely phenomenally delicious. My favorite restaurant of 2024 (so far). We got so lucky and were seated as soon as we walked in. I got the fried chicken with caviar of course and the lobster noodles for my main course. I can not wait to go again. 10/10. I’ll be recommending everyone I know this place.

What a great place!! Came here for a relaxed business dinner with 3 other people. The atmosphere is relaxed, but still elevated and elegant. Everything that was ordered was insanely delicious.. all the flavors are put together well.. wait staff was courteous, informative and just overall attentive without being suffocating. Try Jeju Noodle Bar! It’s worth the reservation wait!!

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