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"Discover the Essence of HiHo Jerusalem Chicken Restaurant"

JERUSALEM CHICKEN Restaurant has amazing home cooked meals for a great price. I had the lemon chicken and the msakan the portions were big and the food was extremely well done and flavourful. Definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for good authentic Palestinian food for a great price.


  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$$
  • JERUSALEM CHICKEN Restaurant phone number: +13239036280


During my visit to this Palestinian Cuisine inspired halal restaurant, I ordered a Lemon and Garlic Chicken Plate which comes with a slow cooked lemon garlic bone-in chicken thigh piece, Arabic Rice, Spicy Hummus, and Veggies (Eggplant, Cauliflower, and Cherry Tomatoes). The chicken was incredibly moist and tender and absolutely delicious with the rice. I also got warm thick Pita Bread, Cauliflower Fritters, and a Soda Can. I finished off the meal with an order of homemade Baklava and Black Tea.


GOOD food. Both siti’s original and the lemon and garlic chicken taste great. The portions are big and the prices are very reasonable. This is a family run business, where you can feel they care about their quality. The owner is a nice person, he went above and beyond when he knew we are from Canada and treated us with their tasty home made Baklawa. Thank you for your generosity. Highly recommended. Wow! Mashallah, what a great place! The service was amazing. My father and I were looking at the menu and a gal came out from the counter to walk us through their options. The food was amazing, vegetarian options and halal. Wonderful!

First time visiting, and the staff was very kind. The woman behind the counter came around and talked us through the menu, explaining each dish patiently and helping us order. We got Sitis Chicken (Chicken stuffed with rice) and Ribeye Fries (fries loaded with steak, pickled turnips, tahini, and a dozen other things). Both were delicious! I really enjoyed the flavors, even though I’m not used to Palestinian food. Not much seating room inside, it’s obviously meant more for takeout. But we found a few seats along the window and ate in. I’m very glad I tried it, will definitely eat here again

While researching Palestinian-owned businesses in LA to globalize & heighten support for Palestine, I discovered Jerusalem Chicken, only 20 minutes away from where I live. I was ecstatic to find a Palestinian-owned business so close by, but even more thrilled when I tasted the phenomenal food. The woman working when I stopped in was kind and gave menu recommendations – and everything I ordered ended up being absolutely impeccable. I’ll be back again and can’t wait to try some other offerings on the menu. I highly recommend this spot!

Jerusalem Chicken is an amazing place if you are looking for Arabic or Middle Eastern food. Once I walked in to the small homey place, I was immediately greeted by a kind man who answered all our questions to ensure we had a great meal. The food is very delicious, the fries are very well seasoned with a bit of salt on each and every one, the chicken is well cooked and soft, and lastly the rice is scrumptious and definitely brings me to the Middle East.

finally The food was so amazing and the customer service made me so happy!! This is probably one of the best food spots I’ve ever been to. If you’re looking for Palestinian food, or just middle eastern food in general that will connect you back to home, please check it out! I will definitely be coming back!

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