Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant (prices + menu + location)

Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant Awesome place to bring your family or friends good food great service and excellent prices ..clean environment will highly recommend it

Name: Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant

Type: Puerto Rico Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:11:00am-8:00pm

Location : click here

Address Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant 

N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614، United States

Phone number Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant


Jibaritos Lincoln Park

Authentic Puerto rican cuisine! Absolutely loved every last morsel. Quality and low price. Worth the drive to Chicago  we had mofongo, jibarito, carne frita

Recommended foods

Not sure what authentic Puerto Rican food taste like but it was pretty good. I liked the stuffed banana appetizer and the sweet corn appetizer. The rice was really good too. I’ve had better pork cooked in Cuban style. The price was very affordable

Menu Jibaritos Lincoln Park

Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Great aesthetic and atmosphere.i highly recommend coming here for some excellent authentic food. The staff was helpful with questions, and you get your money’s worth for the price

Review to

The food was good. The service was good. They gave you big portions! The only thing that wasn’t good was the plantains had too much garlic on them and the maduros were not sweet enough. But overall recommended

Review three

Dope spot for Puerto Rican food if you’ve never had it. I had the steak jibarito which was pretty good. The portion size is very generous so I didn’t even need any sides or appetizers. The service is pretty good here too. No complaints

Review four

Loved this place. Jibaritos were delicious, piña colada mock tail was tasty, and the service was fun. Watched a Cubs game, made some friends, and chatted there for a solid 2 hours – it was an experience I won’t forget! I felt included and a part of Chicago even while visiting for only a short time. I will visit again when I’m back in Chicago

Jibaritos Lincoln Park Restaurant

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