Karam Restaurant Brooklyn

Karam Restaurant Brooklyn Love the fact that they now have a comfortable seating area now. I used to order take out here all the time. The hummus is amazing and the shawarmas are delicious!

  • Name :  Karam Restaurant Brooklyn
  • Worktime : 7AM–12:30AM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Karam Restaurant Brooklyn Address :

8519 4th Ave, Brooklyn

Karam Restaurant Brooklyn number :


Best seller :

amazing chicken sandwich and baba ganoush and falafels. the lamb used to be good too but would skip it now bit chewy. the topping and garlic sauce are awesomeeeee

Karam Restaurant Brooklyn Menu :

 Karam Restaurant menu

Karam Restaurant menu

Karam Restaurant Brooklyn menu

Karam Restaurant Brooklyn menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Among their sandwiches, the kibbeh sandwich is my first favorite followed by the falafel sandwich. They also have kibbeh balls (in photos) sold separately which are a delicious snack.

comment 2 :

Lamb shish kabob on pita absolutely amazing. They were very busy with orders. Usually takes about 15min for each order. I loved the experience definitely will be back again!!

comment 3 :

I was pleasantly surprised by how great my meal from Karam was. I picked up a small sized shawarma combo platter with meat, rice, hummus, and salad when I was in the neighborhood and it was truly anything but small. In fact, there was so much food I had leftovers. Everything was flavorful and delicious. If you’re looking for a great lunch, make sure to stop by.

Comment 4 :

Bit pricey but taste is 7 out of 10. I was thinking they have waiters but no old school traditional I guess go and ask and take a seat when ready get up and grab and sit or go!!! Best best best!!!
Great Lebanese restaurant that I can’t stop thinking about.
If you are hungry, order for pickup. They grill the meat for you so takes time (15-20min)
I usually get lamb kebab big plate! (Small plate is very small. I usually get big plate. Maybe food is so good so need bigger potion?)
Every side order is fantastic too. Don’t forget to request garlic paste.

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