Kavkaz Restaurant Pennsylvania 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"A Taste of the Caucasus in Pennsylvania"

Kavkaz Restaurant Pennsylvania Great place. Great food, service, and ambience.. Authentic restaurant Georgian and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. It’s very tasty and atmospheric

Kavkaz Restaurant Pennsylvania

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$
  • Kavkaz Restaurant Pennsylvania phone number: +15707252323

Kavkaz Restaurant

Overall good experience. I agree with some comments and disagree with the others. Khachapuri was on point, just wish there was more cheese. Beef kebab was on the drier side. Greek salad was tasty. Owners were pretty hospitable. Food took slightly long-ish to come out. Was borderline 3 star review for me but hospitality added them a star (some people might not have gotten the same treatment but we are all humans and have our off days).

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This was my first experience trying Russian/Eastern European food and I was blown away. Everything was so flavorful! The borscht was fantastic, as was the khachapuri and chicken kebab. The bread that accompanied the borscht was seriously so perfect too. To top it off, the family who owns the place are the sweetest people! I adore this place and can’t wait to come back!

A wonderful place to stop at! Slightly unassuming on the outside but the things that REALLY matter (such as food, ambience, and service) were top tier. Excellent homemade bread, the manti dumplings were made fresh with love, not that fresh frozen you get from most places. The kebabs were OUT OF THIS WORLD. The staff were very kind and it wasnt a long wait for such delicious food. Seriously. Make this a stop on your trip. Totally worth it.

Our first visit and we were both delighted in our menu selections! Large cabbage rolls (four of them) stuffed with beef, rice, and spices cooked in a seasoned broth. Beef stroganoff in a creamy sauce accompanied by REAL mashed potatoes. Crispy golden Samsas filled with minced beef and onion. Everything piping hot and fresh. Even the bottled plum compote juice was delicious! We left very full and happy. A mini store with jars of pickled goodies, and refrigerated cases of drinks and sweets. Service was fantastic. Owner and staff were very kind. Cute place, off the beaten path near Exit 192 on I80. Definitely will be back!

Our group of about 12 motorcycle riders wandered though here on a Friday around noon. We were all shocked at the fantastic fantastic fantastic food… each one of us had something different and each one of us was extremely pleased with the food. The bread was so good I wrapped it up and stuffed it in my pack for my wife to try… delish! The soups were all great, as was the lamb kabob. Many in our groups ordered beef kabobs, pork kabobs, the chicken and the salads… and they were all very good as well!

Worth the visit. Nice people, very welcoming and good food. Try the khachapuri ajarski! It’s sooo good! The borscht soup and beef stroganoff are tasty too. The beef stroganoff is not seasoned in the typical American way, but is good. They have a emi Truck Parking


I am giving this 5 stars! The breads Wow there’s some wood fireplace baking grill going on out back that’s amazing. Lots of interesting drinks! We got the Borscht, chicken, Lamb, a Greek salad, and cheesy bread. Everything was delicious! Its self service and you have to carry the dishes to a cart after your done.

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