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Kingsman Restaurant South Carolina 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Indulge in Southern Hospitality at Kingsman Restaurant in South Carolina"

Kingsman Restaurant South Carolina Down-to-earth option serving burgers, sandwiches & homestyle American mains, plus beer & wine.

Kingsman Restaurant South Carolina

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5 
  • pricing: $$
  • Kingsman Restaurant South Carolina phone number: +18037968622

Kingsman Restaurant

It’s my local favorite burger joint that’s down to earth, high quality of ingredients, beautiful restaurant aroma breathing life, not so loud, perfect for your Tuesday night dinner.

I’ve been going here since I was a sophomore in college at UofSC. I love it, this place is the place that made me fall in love with Pimento Cheese. I might have never experienced pimento cheese had it not for the palmetto burger on the menu! Not only that, each and every one of the side items are way above the cut with the quality and flavor intensity. The service might be a little slow, but I was treated like part of a family and it was always so homey when I visited!

My favorite burgers are the big blue [cheese] and the palmetto which has the pimento cheese. The ribeye burgers are big and meaty and the cheeses are so sharp in their flavor. You know how a burger might have a boring taste? Just barely the scent of the meat and the stale vegetables with a stereotypical bun? You will not get that here. I could definitely isolate and appreciate each ingredient between the two brioche buns. Very high detail each and every time forces me to admire their original recipe QC.

Come on down, enjoy some of their burgers, and enjoy Americana.

Kingsman Restaurant South Carolina Menu

Edit to my past post. Took a friend there who had never been before. It was busy…which we can forgive. But…waitress didn’t come to us for at least 15 min. Then another 10ish to get drinks. Our friends waited way past that to get refills since they had been there before us. Had to repeat my rather simple lunch request 3 times. My food was great.

My new friend said hers was horrible. Wanted blackened chicken and got grilled with no seasoning. It was a terrible experience for her. Then….the bathroom. My gosh…..yuck. pee on floor. Pee on toilet. Get better. At least for me.

The best restaurant in Cayce. You cant go wrong with anything on the menu but the burgers, fried porkchops, hand breaded chicken tenders and philly cheese steaks are all awesome! The staff are like family!

The cheeseburger was awesome, all I can tell you about food… but the cook and people working there are cool af, I’m a trucker and needed a bathroom facility, they helped me out when nearby stores wouldn’t. We’re so nice, I had to try the food, and it did not disappoint. Will be back if I’m ever in the area.

Recently, a couple of people who worked here suffered some tragedies. The owner stepped up big time to help support them and their families. This is a place that deserves your business, and we should all be proud to support. I do not know the owner, but I respect him/her tremendously.

The food is great and priced reasonably. Had a steak and baked potato. The baked potato was the best I’ve ever had.

Food is always excellent. Had a few issues. Like asking for a fork several times to no avail. Had to go ask someone for a fork. Also. Ordered Baked Potato w/ butter .sour cream
Instead was brought 2 butters. So at that point. Was thoroughly disgusted.
Just wanted to eat what we had and leave.

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