La Huerta Mexican Restaurant Arkansas 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Savor the Best of Mexico at La Huerta in Arkansas"

La Huerta Mexican Restaurant Arkansas The location on Roger’s Ave always has a great atmosphere and great service. The food is never disappointing and always plenty of it. I love the spices salsa

La Huerta Mexican Restaurant Arkansas

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3 
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • La Huerta Mexican Restaurant Arkansas phone number: +14794786425

La Huerta Mexican Restaurant

It was award winning, best place I have ever eaten I had a vegetarian burrito with pork, extra beans, the combo dips qe had quac, cheese with beef, and cheese, my sis had I forgot but it was cleaned plated, and she had a Pina colada.

I look forward to visiting again in the near future, my new place for Mexican food in this aera.

Also there was 3 or 4 people come by for our table please make sure to tip appropriately, service workers are doing us a service and it’s the least you can do to show appreciation. Thank you LA Huerta for the meal you prepared for us.

La Huerta Mexican Restaurant Arkansas menuLa Huerta Mexican Restaurant menumenu La Huerta Mexican Restaurant Arkansas

This used to be a favorite of mine! I took a big break for about 4 years from this place. I had a craving for lunch fajitas and WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! So good! Everything was perfect The same worker were still there after 5 years.

The salsa was the perfect level of hot and flavor. I would compare it to a sriracha heat level so if you don’t like spicy you might not try it. Flavor, service, and freshness were the best parts of the visit

We were going to Bricktown brewery. Changed our mind when we saw lot of cars in the parking lot. It was an excellent choice.

Great staff, home made tortilla, and good food. I ordered Sunday special terlapilla, in the middle of the meal. The wait staff brought another plate of terlapilla, he said the one on my plate is too small so they cooked a large fish for me. Definitely shout out to the world.

So I am a hard person to please on salsa.
Staff was helpful and answered alot of my questions about their dishes.
Here the salsa is delicious now I’m not a guacamole but I tried it.

The simplicity reminded me of my mother’s it was perfectly done. I ordered a special that had different items so I could sample. The Chile relleno was the main item I was looking forward to but have to say was kinda let down.

I’m used to the Chile being stuffed with the cheese not just kinda laid there on top.(couldn’t finished due to disappointment) the Mexican tamale was good, perfect flavoring only odd thing just threw taco meat on top. The taco had a corn tortilla and taco meat only but was delicious. The chulpa was what I call tostidas was good but crumbled so ate Like a taco salad. I would come back to try a different dish.

Then with the same breath , comes back and said: ” The kitchen was closed sorry about the tacos”
So looks like the kitchen was closed by the time he reaches us ? Or was it close before he left to ask us about an order?
It doesn’t take a rocket  scientist to figure it out.
That kitchen was closed  9:40 pm

After that you only will get some good old chips fried last week and salsa.
I feel because we came last we got no right to order. But drinks – 2 beer/2 drinks/2 Tequila/1 small cheese= 60.00 plus a tip. Is like everything is 5 dollars and we give you the cheese.
The bottom line with this restaurant we will not come back. Not will recommend to others.

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